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History Analytical Paper About US Climate Leadership (Research Paper Sample)


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US Climate Leadership
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US Climate Leadership
The article What Will Trump's Most Profound Legacy Be? Possibly Climate Damage by Coral Davenport (2020) points out the issues on President Trump's approaches toward the contentious aspects of climate that has sparkled a rigorous debate over the past couple of years. The article pinpoints the fact that President Trump has repealed lots of policies that the previous administrations, led by President Barrack Obama, had imposed in a bid to curb the damaging impacts of the air, water, and atmospheric pollutions. The article further states that the rollback of Obama's initiatives regarding climate might go down as President Trump's legacy, following his dramatic loss to the President-elect Joe Biden (Davenport, 2020). The contrasting attitude towards the subject by the two is likely to shape America's view on climate in the coming days, both locally and globally, even though the damages might be so hard to reconcile or would take quite a long time. The famous Paris climate agreement of 2015 that the United States, courtesy of President Trump, withdrew from has also been emphasized in the article (Davenport, 2020). President Trump downplayed the impacts of harmful emissions that the accord sought to curtail at the expense of the economy. The President-elect will be seeking to rejoin the accord and possibly make a greater influence to continue the legacy of his former boss, President Barack Obama. According to Davenport, an effort by the President-elect to propel America's contribution to managing climate change seems to be an uphill task. The outgoing President has put in place measures that make it difficult for the incoming Biden to formulate place policies on climate change through executive orders.
Generally, the article has done just enough to inform the public on the climate situation in the United States owing to the impending transition and criticized President Trump's move that has overshadowed the impacts of emissions at the cost of economic milestones. The argument for President Trump's moves as per the article is that the policies imposed by Obama's regime are not economically viable. A very important fact that the article should have emphasized is the health hazards associated with climate change. Researches backed by scientific evidence indicate that the rapid disruption in the climate system is a major health crisis to all living things on earth (Solomon & LaRocque, 2019). B

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