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What do you Think was Hawaii’s Greatest Contribution to World War 2 (Research Paper Sample)


Greatest Contribution to World War 2


World War 2 in Hawaii
1. What do you think was Hawaii’s greatest contribution to World War 2?
During World War 11 Hawaii played an important role because it was the land where men were shipped to and they received training in the same region (Davies, 2018). After receiving the training one would participate in the war which resulted in the death of a good number of people in the world. The training grounds in Hawaii were spacious with a capacity of holding over 20,000 men. Through the training, the Americans kept on increasing their men in the battlefield something which assisted them in their victory.
2. Do you think World War 2 had a positive or negative impact on society in
World War 2 had a positive impact on the society in Hawaii. First, the introduction of martial law by the US government is something that further united the people of Hawaii. The people in Hawaii were willing to go an extra mile and support the independence of their state. All people in Hawaii had a role to play at the time of the war. While the men took part in war the women and children ensured that there were enough food supplies for the soldiers.
After the war, the people in Hawaii made the decision to stand together and rebuild the Island. Additionally, during the war, the people had realized that Hawaii would be an awesome tourist destination. They, therefore, organized various campaigns with the aim of attracting tourists to the land of Hawaii. Through their venture into the tourism industry, the economy of Hawaii was able to grow to a level that is unmatched. Today Hawaii is one of the best tourist destinations in the world.
3. Do you feel that racial attitudes or racism influ

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