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Sheryl Kara Sandberg (Research Paper Sample)


You must establish the historical setting for Sheryl Kara Sandberg, show how she developed her ideas, what her main contributions to the field of management were, and her overall significance. Please use a minimum of 9 sources and make sure at least three of the sources are from books or textbooks, at least three of the sources are from journals and at least three are online sources from websites. Feel free to add more sources to any category though. The book "Lean In" by Sheryl Sandberg MUST be one of the book sources. Make sure the sources are English sources and not in or from another language. Also please categorize the sources on the works cited page. Make sure each paragraph flows smoothly into the other and there should be no heading over any paragraph. The paper should be written in Times New Roman font size 12. NO PLAGIARISM Use standard 1 inch margins all around Underline or Italicize the name of any book in the paper. Paper should be 5 FULL pages I have attached an outline for the paper, which is the format in which I would strictly like you to follow. Do not use the sentences in the outline word for word since they are taken directly off of websites. Please use the thesis provided in the outline though as the first part of your paper since I personally wrote it. Please also use the conclusion provided in the outline as the conclusion for the paper but feel free to add to it. Make sure that the conclusion links back to the thesis statement to show you have proven the statement in your thesis. You are to treat this paper just like the order #00024587 which you wrote for me. Use that paper to help you get an idea of how write this paper because you did a good job on it. Make sure to take your time writing this paper so it can come out good! If you have any questions at all feel free to message me. Thank you!


  1. Thesis

Sheryl Sandberg is one of the most influential people in the field of management today. Her key ideas and great works such as her book Lean In have proven to be successful and this paper will demonstrate that Sheryl Sandberg has really paved the way for the business thinkers of today.


  1. Historical Setting
    1. Background
      1. Sandberg was born in 1969, in Washington, D.C., in a Jewish family
      2. As of August 2013, she is the chief operating officer of Facebook
      3. Before Facebook, Sandberg was Vice President of Global Online Sales and Operations at Google
      4. Before Google, Sandberg served as chief of staff for the United States Secretary of the Treasury.
      5. Education
        1. She attended public school, where she was "always at the top of her class”
        2. In 1987, Sandberg enrolled at Harvard College and graduated in 1991
        3. Awarded summa cum laude (Italian Honors) with a B.A in economics
        4. Was awarded the John H. Williams Prize for the top graduating student in economics
        5. In 1993, she enrolled at Harvard Business School
        6. In 1995 she earned her M.B.A. with highest distinction


  1. How Sheryl Sandberg Developed her ideas
    1. a.      Lean In
      1. 1.      Sheryl Sandberg released her first book, Lean In on March 11, 2013 
      2. 2.      The book sold more than one million copies and was on top of the bestseller lists since its launch 
      3. 3.      Lean In is a book for professional women to help them achieve their career goals and for men who want to contribute to a more equitable society 
      4. 4.      The ultimate goal is to encourage women to lean in to positions of leadership because she asserts that by having more female voices in positions of power there will be more equitable opportunities created for everyone. 
      5. 5.      “A truly equal world would be one where women ran half our countries and companies and men ran half our homes” p.7 of Lean In 


  1. The Movement
    1. Inspired by Sandburg’s book Lean In
    2. Aims to help women achieve their professional and personal goals by "leaning into their ambitions"
    3. The movement provides support in three key ways: community, education and circles
    4. The community focuses on exchanging information and ideas through stories to encourage other women to lean in
    5. The education section is a collection of free lectures to help individuals develop their skills and learn new ones
    6. The circle's component focuses on small groups that provide a safe online space for collaboration and support.


  1. Contributions to the field of management and overall significance
    1. Google
      1. Was Vice President of Global Online Sales and Operations at Google
      2. She built an efficient mechanism to service advertisers in a scaled and tiered approach called Online Sales & Operations
      3. Involved in launching Google's philanthropic arm
      4. Facebook
        1. At the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, and in March 2008, Facebook announced hiring Sheryl Sandberg away from Google.
        2. Sandberg quickly began trying to figure out how to make Facebook profitable
        3. By late spring, Facebook's leadership had agreed to rely on advertising
        4. With much help of Sandberg, by 2010, Facebook became profitable
        5. In October 2012, Business Insider reported that stock units vested in Sandberg's name accounted for nearly $790,000,000
      5. Honors
        1. Sandberg was named one of the "25 Most Influential People on the Web" by Business Week in 2009
        2. Sheryl Sandberg has been ranked one of the 50 "Most Powerful Women in Business" by Fortune Magazine
        3. In 2012, she was named in Time 100, an annual list of the 100 most influential people in the world


  1. Conclusion

It is evident that the brilliant Sheryl Sandberg has truly been a role model and inspiration to not only women but men as well. Her leadership skills, ideas and great works have influenced and helped people across the globe advance and excel in business. It is with much confidence that we are able to say that Sheryl Sandberg is one of the most influential people to come across the business field in today’s society and will continue to do so for the years yet to come.


Sheryl Kara Sandberg
Sheryl Kara Sandberg
Sheryl Sandberg is an American businesswoman, who emerged as one of the wealthiest self-made women in the world in 2012. She is one of the most influential people in the field of management today. Her key ideas, and great works such as her book Lean In have proven to be successful and this paper will demonstrate that Sheryl Sandberg has really paved the way for the business thinkers of today.
Sheryl Sandberg, the quintessential American businessperson is of Jewish descent. Born in 1969 to Adele and Joel Sandberg, she attended a public school in Miami. She is said to have always toped in her class, building a firm foundation for her great works. Her father worked as an ophthalmologist and her mother was a teacher. Both parents had a great influence to Sheryl's qualities of education, progressive thinking, hard work, and career orientation (Sandberg, 2008). As a result, she took to work at a very young age, volunteering to teach aerobics to children during her high school life. Since education was at top of her life goals, she went on to do Bachelors degree in economics in Harvard College, and later on did her masters in Business management at Harvard Business School (Fox, 2012).
After graduating as a business management expert, she joined one of the world's leading consulting firms known as McKinsey & company, where she worked as a management consultant. In 1996, Sheryl secured a position as a Chief of staff to the US secretary of Treasury. The experience of working for such global organizations gave her noteworthy exposure to greater aspects of running businesses. As a result, after working for a short time with the World Bank, she secured a job at Google in 2001. Sheryl's association with Google helped her to polish up her management skills. It was her golden chance to prove to the world how capable she was in handling challenges in of the unrelenting business world (Stephe...
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