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Protest Movement that Changed America. Civil Rights Movement (Research Paper Sample)


Protest movements are as old as the American Revolution itself. Write a research paper about a protest movement that changed America between 1877 and today. Your paper should examine the protest movement thoroughly.
Be sure to consider:
-The discontent that inspired the movement in the first place.
-The main goals and objectives of the movement.
-Important individuals and leaders who were involved.
-How those objectives were achieved or not achieved and the legacy of the movement itself.
-The global connections of the protest movement. Were individuals inspired by world personalities or movements?
-What can this protest movement tell us about American history and its people?
Some ideas you might consider are: the civil rights movements, the women’s movement, anti-war protests, LGBT or labor movements, anti-Wall Street protests, the Tea Party movement, the anti-Imperialist movement, suffragist movement, America First before the Second World War, etc. The paper might also be related more specifically to your field, or area of interest, as long you orient it from the U.S. history framework.
Your submission must adhere to the following requirements:
Your submission should be 6-8-pages in length (excluding cover page and references) and formatted according to the CSU-Global Guide to Writing and APA Requirements (Links to an external site.). Use headers to organize the content of your submission.
Your submission must contain a clear thesis statement about the protest (such as the nature of protest, society’s reaction to protest, outcomes of protest, etc.).
Use evidence—e.g. scholarly sources—to support your thesis statement and conclusion.
You must incorporate a minimum of 6 credible, scholarly secondary sources (beyond encyclopedias and biographies, etc.) beyond the text or other course materials. At least two of which should be peer-reviewed journal articles. Sources should be adequately chosen to provide substance and perspectives on the issue. The CSU-Global Library (Links to an external site.) is a great place to find resources.


Protest Movement the Changed America
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Protest Movement the Changed America
The Discontent that Inspired the Civil Rights Movement
The Civil Rights Movement is more of a collective term representing numerous activism that sought equal rights for the African Americans and to stop segregation, receive full political and socio-economic rights. Civil rights movement comprised of a variety of tactics, from passing proceedings in court to black power to politicization, the national government, and mass action. The efforts of the activists led to several substantial successes, but also encountered with the fierce resistance of white racists. The common understanding of Civil Rights activism was, in effect, a significant fight for liberty encompassing beyond the bold objectives of lawful rights and protection (Perea, 2010). From peaceful demonstrations and boycotts to armed self-protection, from court proceedings to popular beliefs, independence was the main goal that challenged the white supremacy and even opposed set laws on African Americans in the manner they operate in instants of disaster. 

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