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History Review of Peter Ferdinand Drucker (Research Paper Sample)

You must establish the historical setting for Peter Ferdinand Drucker, show how he developed his ideas, what his main contributions to the field of management were, and his overall significance. Please use a minimum of 9 sources and make sure at least three of the sources are from books or textbooks, at least three of the sources are from journals and at least three are online sources. Feel free to add more sources to any category though. Make sure the sources are English sources and not in or from another language. Also please categorize the sources on the works cited page. Make sure each paragraph flows smoothly into the other and there should be no heading over any paragraph. The paper should be written in Times New Roman font size 12. NO PLAGIARISM Use 1 inch margins all around Underline or Italicize the name of any book in the paper. I have attached an outline for the paper, which is the format in which I would like you to follow. Do not use the sentences in the outline word for word since they are taken directly off of websites. Before the introductory paragraph use the thesis provided in the outline since I personally wrote it. You may also use the conclusion provided in the outline as the conclusion for the paper but feel free to add to it. Make sure that the conclusion links back to the thesis statement to show you have proven the statement in your thesis. If you have any questions feel free to message me. Thank you! source..

History Review of Peter Ferdinand Drucker
An individual who offers exemplary studies and writes about ancient matters with expertise is referred to as an historian. Over the years, historians have emerged in big numbers and have left positive impact on the current generation (Sallivan, 2005). Although a majority of them have passed on, their works still lingers on and are applied on everyday life by various people around the globe (Flaherty, 1999). However big the list of historians is, it would not end without the mention of one historian who perfected the business sector globally. Peter Ferdinand Drucker, with his proficiency as a writer, professor, and management advisor, is one of the best known, most widely influential thinkers on the subject of management and this paper will demonstrate that he helped to pave the way for the for the modern business corporations we have today (Flaherty, 1999).
Peter Drucker was conceived in a small town called Viena-dobling, Viena located in Austria in November 1909 (Tarrant, 1976). He was the proud son to Caroline Bondi who was a doctor by profession and Adolf Drucker who was a lawyer by profession. His family was of Jewish descendant, but later converted to Christianity and lead ‘liberal’ Lutheran protestant in Austria-Hungary. Peter was brought up in a family where big people in society held up meetings to discuss current issues and evolving ideas. He graduated from Dobling Gymnasium, after and moved to Germany, where he got his first job as an apprentice. He then proceeded to work as a journalist where he edited Der Osterreichische Volkswirt (The Austrian Economist) (Stein, 2010). He later shifted to Frankfurt where he furthered his studies while working at Frankfurter General-Anzeiger. It is in Frankfurt where he earned his public and international law doctorate in 1931 in Frankfurt University. In 1933, he migrated again from Germany to England, first working at an insurance company then later as an economist in a private bank (Endersheim, 2007). He also re-united with his long time sweet-heart where their love blossomed resulting to marriage in 1934 and later relocated permanently to the United States. He became a naturalized citizen of the U.S in the year 1943 and shifted his profession to a freelance business consultant, writer and a university professor. He later shifted his career from 1942 to 1949 as a Professor of philosophy and politics from Bennington College. From 1950 to 1971, he became a professor of Management at New York University. His final destination was in California in 1971(Endersheim, 2007).
At Claremont Graduate University, he developed the country’s first MBA executive programs to assist the working professionals. He worked at Claremont as a professional Clarke of social science and management since 1971 till his death. In 1987, the Claremont University College was later named the Peter F. Drucker Graduate school of Management in his hon...
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