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Memories of the D-day landing History Research Paper (Research Paper Sample)


Identify and describe the event or site, its purpose, character and history
• Set this commemoration in historiographical context, and in the context of the themes
and ideas explored in this course regarding memory and remembrance
• Reflect on the commemorative nature and function of the anniversary and/or site


Memories of the D-Day Landing
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Memories of the D-Day Landing
The Normandy, Operation Overlord, or D-Day landing was the beginning of the end of the Second World War. In particular, it was the most significant moment in the world history, where the combined military efforts of Canada, the United States of America (USA), and the United Kingdom (UK) liberated the northern part of France. The commander of the Operation Overlord was Dwight Eisenhower, who was appointed in January 1944 due to his outstanding military experience. Indeed, defeating the Nazis was not straightforward since they were well-organized and had a large troop (, 2019). That is the reason why the USA, UK, and Canada used a diversionary tactic to confuse German soldiers so that Eisenhower can attack and eliminate enemies faster. Nazis were not easy to defeat since if they knew the secret of Operation Overlord, the American, Canadian, and British soldiers would have been killed before arriving in the five beaches of Normandy. The D-Day landing was a significant historical event that should be commemorated since it led to the elimination of the Nazis in Western Europe and the end of World War II.

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