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Kenyan Research Project History Research Paper Essay (Research Paper Sample)


These are the continued questions about country Kenyan as order #0098005. Answering the following questions about country Kenyan
To complete this step, your essay and research should, at the very least, include answers, rationales, and insights into the following questions regarding your country:
VI. Major Economic Features
Current demographic and economic features:
What is the population of your country?
What are the major natural resources and the major features of the economy? Is the economy driven by the export of minerals and raw materials, agriculture, significant industries, or a mixture of these? What are the main exports and imports?
Which countries are its largest trading partners? Is the country a member of regional or continental African trading blocs?
What are major livelihood strategies, formal and informal, in both rural and urban settings? In other words, how do people in your country make a living?
Economic policies:
How did colonial policies impact your country’s current economic conditions?
How has domestic economic policy since independence shaped the country?
How have international economic forces shaped your country’s economy? For example, has your country been impacted by World Bank or International Monetary Fund programs? Do international trade agreements impact your country?
Basic economic indicators:
What is the current Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and Gross National Product (GNP)? What is the significance of these numbers.
What is the unemployment rate?
What is the poverty rate?
What is the foreign debt?
What do all these different economic indicators show about the state of the economy in your country?
To what extent are the Internet and mobile phones, including mobile banking, used in your country? Do these affect economic potential?
VII. Conclusion:
Using all the data and analysis you have done pertaining to the above questions, write a conclusion addressing the economic health of your country and analyze the main factors contributing to its current strengths and challenges.
VIII. Other Requirements:
Referencing: Evidential Proof of sources used: Paper should be supported by evidence and quotations from sources. At least three sources with APA citation at the bottom of the report, Variation in selection of sources.


Kenyan Research Project
Kenyan Research Project
Kenya lies in the 22nd position among the 47 Sub-Saharan region countries with an overall score below the world average, but above the regional standard. The country has an economic freedom score of 55.1, placing it as the 130th freest in the stipulated index in 2019 (, 2019). The highest ratings in the economy of Kenya include; “property rights, government integrity, and judicial effectiveness offsetting declines in trade freedom and monetary freedom (, 2019)." The security enhanced by the judicial implementation promotes commercial practices in the country, resulting in increased economic growth. In addition, the political stability in the country raises the government's anticipation to boost economic growth to higher levels. The rapid population growth in Kenya pushes the demographics in the country to approximately 40 million over 25 years (Fengler, 2010). The UN has projected an increment of about 1 million every year in the population.

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