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EAC 380 HIS 380​ Spring 2017: History of China - The Ming Dynasty Revolution (Research Paper Sample)


EAC 380 / HIS 380​ Spring 2017
Research Paper Assignment

As the syllabus indicates, you will all be writing research papers for this course. The following are the basic requirements for the assignment. I encourage you to come to discuss the topic of your paper with me as soon as possible. This will allow you enough time to secure necessary materials, do the research, and complete the writing on time.

You may write your paper on any relevant topic subject only to the following restrictions: (1) The paper MUST deal primarily with China; and (2) The paper must focus on the period AFTER A.D. 1368.

The paper must be ten (10) pages in length. This does not include the title page and bibliography. It also assumes 12 point size in a recognized font (Times New Roman is the standard). Margins should be 1” all around.

All papers must follow the course style manual “Writing Papers in East Asian Studies.” I expect you to read this manual and conform to all its requirements. History writing generally uses the so-called Chicago Style of documentation. This is described in the course style manual. If you have any questions, please feel free to speak to me about them. There is a link to this document on the Blackboard Learning System. You can also access it through the East Asian Studies Department website (at the following URL):

As explained in this document, all papers must have footnotes and a bibliography in the proper formats.

Proposal: Due Tuesday, March 21.
All students must submit a paper proposal to me by this date. The proposal must consist of a paragraph describing the historical question you plan to research and the methodology you will use in formulating your argument. It must also include a preliminary bibliography.


The Ming Dynasty Revolution
The Ming Dynasty Revolution
The Ming dynasty ruled over china for an approximate 276 years considering that, it started off in the year 1388 and ended in the year 1644. This was a period that china experienced its own economic revolution hundreds of years before the rest of the world could catch on. The Ming dynasty is one of the periods in history that, china made some of the most significant economic expansion headways. At the time, china was referred to as the Empire of the Great Ming (Hooker, 1997). This is a dynasty that brought forth some significant changes from the civil services, centralized government, naval explorations, trade, agriculture, industry and commerce.
Thesis statement: The Ming Dynasty brought about industrial revolution in China
Maritime Expansion
The Ming dynasty saw the some of the most significant maritime expansion. Previously, china had concentrated on exploration and land commerce. It was during the M...
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