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How does the Chinese belief that they originate from dragons manifest in their present culture? (Research Paper Sample)

Instruction is attched with powerpoint Writer choose the topic topic have to relate to Chinese and animal. For example "Which animals are used in Chinese medicine?" There is another paper related to this paper same writer should write both of them please read the instruction attached order number for other paper is 00016928 source..

How does the Chinese belief that they originate from dragons manifest in their present culture?
One most unique and remarkable feature of the Chinese` rich system of traditions and beliefs is the way they perceive the dragon. While the dragon is mostly looked at with fear, if not with utter repulse, in Western countries, the opposite is true in China. One easy way to see this rather unfamiliar association is in the films made in or inspired by Chinese culture. For instance, in the movie Mulan, the dragon character named Mushu served as a friend, not a foe to the protagonist Mulan as she set forth in her quest for her identity and position in a changing Chinese society. Generally, the dragon is a symbol of strength and formidability.
During the time when tribal societies were dominant in China, the symbol of the dragon has been believed to forge the unity among cooperating tribes in the face of invaders. Give the Chinese` prominent xenophobia, this image binding them together in the fight for independence and purity easily gained high recognition. We can bring up here the laborious construction of the Great wall of China which was primarily done for the defense against intruders. Notably, this feat involves a great will and determinations and it can be argued that the dragon inspiration contributed in the actual completion of the grand project.
During the heyday of agriculture, the dragon was elevated into a deity that can be imprecated upon in times of drought and an approaching famine. The invocation of dragon was also seen as a guaranteed harbinger of the arrival of abundant rain and generally good weather that is favorable to the plants and can likely yield a bountiful food supply. Then in the feudal times, the dragon has been exclusively associated...
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