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The Battle of Saratoga Research Assignment Paper (Research Paper Sample)


The topic is about American Revolution. And the thesis statement is The Battle of Saratoga is the turning point of the American Revolution. Focus on this thesis statement to write this research paper. The research paper has to be in APA format.


The Battle of Saratoga
The Battle of Saratoga
The revolutionary war in America is one of the significant events in American history because it was the beginning of a new nation. The American revolutionary war of 1775 to 1783 known as the American war of independence was fought between the Great Britain, other British colonies in The North American continent. The war of independence was a rebellion where 13 of British North American colonies fought for independence, forming the United States of America (Brown & Cohen, 2015). The revolutionary war started because of the growing displeasure among British colonies caused by numerous attempts by the British government to assert more control over their colonies (Brown & Cohen, 2015).
The battle of Saratoga involved a series of battles that eventually culminated in the main battle in Saratoga that saw the British army surrender. The surrender of the British during the battle of Saratoga proved that the American army was powerful (Brown & Cohen, 2015). The victory at Saratoga for Americans became the turning point because they were free from the British colonial rule. Hence, the American victory at Saratoga forms a significant part of American history because the Americans attained independence (Washington & Army, 2014).
The activities that led to the battle of Saratoga
For several decades before the outbreak of the war that occurred in 1775, there was tension between the British authorities and its colonies. Before 1774 the year that led up to the revolutionary war, the British colonies were dissatisfied with various laws imposed on them by the British government (Washington & Army, 2014). The British Parliament had passed laws to effect taxes on colonists in America. The first act was the Sugar Act of 1764, the stamp Act the following year and other laws meant to acquire more money for the government's operations (Washington & Army, 2014). Britain passed these laws to collect more money to recover from the huge losses they had incurred by the end of French and Indian wars in 1763(Washington & Army, 2014).
Americans resented these laws and believed that the British government was out to benefit themselves but not American subjects. These colonies believed that British wasted resources fighting expensive wars only to strengthen its rule and to increase its wealth (Washington & Army, 2014). Besides, Americans viewed the laws were irrelevant to them because the British parliament were individuals living in England who did not understand their needs hence felt unrepresented (Washington & Army, 2014). During this period, several protests were witnessed in America like the Great Alamance Creek, where 2,000 Tar farmer known as regulators protested against the British rule(Washington & Army, 2014).These farmers wanted to regulate corrupt dealings among the local government officials, but their rebellion was crushed(Washington & Army, 2014).
The increased resentment from African and American Indian population was evident because these groups disliked the lower status they were accorded by the British government. The whites dominated everything. Hence the Native American and African population were willing to support any group to help them gain control (Strange, 2015). That is why in 1773 the Boston massacre took place after the tea party where all colonies were against Parliament that continued to show disrespect for colonists (Strange, 2015). All the thirteen colonies who were British colonies became American allies when the American Revolution took place because the British colonies did not like the British rules. Rebellion and discontented became a routine, but the climax of the revolution was star...

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