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Your Position Paper on America's Entrance into WW1 (Research Paper Sample)


Back up your position and defend it as the main cause of America's entrance into World War 1 on America's refusal to surrender its rights as a neutral nation in time of war. Wikipedia and other online encyclopedias are not acceptable sources.


America's Entrance into WW1
To justify the case for America’s entry into WWI, President Woodrow Wilson highlighted the Fourteen Points, which summarized the aims of the Allied Powers to end of the war to make the world safe for democracy (Throntveit, 2011). The two fold aim of achieving peace and spreading democracy would also support America’s economic interests. The principles he espoused called for democracy, free trade self-determination, and collective security. Even as he emphasized his views, Wilson did not mention most of the perspectives when the Treaty of Versailles was adopted (Kennedy, 2004). Wilson argued that adopting constitutional democracies would make the world a better place, is a view still held in American politics. America’s entrance in World War 1 was necessitated by the economic and the political interstates.
Before the entry of the US in WWI, Wilson mainly relied on an isolationist policy, and his diplomatic efforts to end the war were ineffective as the Germans continued bombing ships. Since the war pitted European countries, the use of force was strategic since the Wilson administration could no longer stay neutral in the face of eminent attacks of American interests by the U.S. Additionally, the Zimmerman Telegram was intercepted where Germany urged the Mexicans to attack the US and the Germans would then support them in regaining the land that they had lost to America (Zieger & Zieger, 2001). As such, the US was unable to maintain neutrality in the face of threat to her close Allies in Europe, especially England.
Before American direct involvement in WWI, the British initiated a blockade to limit the power of Germany. Even as America pursued a neutral policy, after agreeing to the concessions, the American firms increased their profit levels. This is especially for those, which were directly involved in supplying to the Allies. As such, the neutral policy was unsustainable, as there was a need to extend credit belligerents. Even as Americans shipped munitions to Europe, the arrangement between the US and England became more exclusive when there was a British blockade (Zieger & Zieger, 2001). Nonetheless, with the ongoing German submarine campaign, it was necessary to support the British allies.
Despite claims of neutrality, it became untenable for the US to remain neutral, while Germany rose and threatened to overwhelm her neighbors. The US mainly with the affairs that affected the Americas, while maintaining ties with friendly nation in Europe (Unterberger, 1996). Since the US had close economic ties with England, the risk of Germany invasion in France was seen to pose a challenge to the US interest, as Germany would be in a better position to invade the UK. Consequently, the allies sought to work together to stop the spread of Germany’s power in continental Europe.
The close ties between England and the US were affected because of trade disruption. To the US, Britain remained an important trading partner, but with the rise of German there was a risk of trade disruption. This is especially when the Germans started bombing military ...
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