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Chair of Chokwe People History Research Paper Essay (Research Paper Sample)


write a 2-3 page research paper of the chosen work of art (see in the attachment)
introduce the work of art by stating general factual information such as: name of the people, where they live , materials used to make the object, how it was used, etc.
Put your research findings in the main body of your paper. What you have to say could depend on the information that is available for your topic, but generally, you should discuss the work of art within its social context, and include information about the people and their culture as well as what the object means to them and how it is used.
in final paragraph, summarize what you have learned and give some of your own thoughts, and conclusions.


Chair of Chokwe People
Institution Affiliation
Chair of Chokwe People
Chokwe tribe is a Bantu speaking group living in Angola, the Democratic Republic of Congo, and Zambia. Chokwe language is recognized as one of the national languages in Angola, and a significant number of people spoke this language by 1991 (Jordan, 1999). While a considerable number of people speak the language in the Democratic Republic of Congo and Zambia, it is in Angola where the government has shown a great commitment to the language where the National Languages Institute has established spelling rules for Chokwe in a bid to promote and facilitate its use.
Chokwe people are popular for producing fascinating art objects meant for celebrating and validating the royal court. Some of these objects include lavishly carved chairs and stools that were used as thrones (Jordan, 1999). Other objects made by Chokwe artists included portrait sculptures meant to represent the lineage of individuals hailing from a royal family. In many societies in the east and central Africa, including Chokwe and related tribes such as Ovimbundu and Songo, functional artifacts were transformed into prestigious objects that signified the status and power of the most respected chiefs (Jordan, 1999).

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