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Violence against Women (Research Paper Sample)

Basic issue in women's health. To analyze the subject in terms of its impact on women's health. Define violence against women (Our Bodies, Ourselves, The Boston Women's Health Book Collective. p. 119) Include references on a variety of perspectives on the topic (historical, cultural, sociological and so on).It is a world wide problem. It can be associated with mental illness & substance abuse. The correlation between the two factors does not mean that one factor causes another. Violence is about power and control and that violence is not an acceptable method of maintaining control, resolving conflicts, and expressing anger. The widespread nature of violence against women by men tends to support the contention that violence against women is caused by what men usually learn about masculinity. Talk about the cause of violence, political, legal and health systems that violence is a private affaire. source..

Violence against Women
Violence and abuse against women is one of the fastest spreading human right violations. Women are violated not only physically but also they are being abused psychologically and economically. Their degradation is an international issue now days and that do not depend on culture, race, wealth and age. Domestic violence as well as public humiliation in the street or in the workplace is not very rare to find in different socio-economic communities. Gender issues and tendency of overpowering women by "keeping women in their place" attitude are the two most crucial causes for the violation against women. And the shocking matter is this issue is not limited only among poor or conservative countries; even the most educated and developed societies are used to in considering women as second class citizen and are not concern about mental or physical tortures on women. This gender based violence has severe impact on society as it can demoralize economic growth. Also different forms of violence grow risk factors towards mental and physical health of women while increasing vulnerability to life threatening diseases like HIV. In this paper, we are going to discuss violation against women and the mental and physical state and impact of abused women as well as go through the acts by social organizations and governments from different countries to prevent violence against women.
Keywords: violence against women, domestic violence, sexual assault, and women`s right
Violence against women
The term violence against women refers to violent physical and psychological torture against women and girls. According to the General Assembly of United Nations, violence against women is a gender based violence act that results mental, sexual and physical harm or suffering to women in their public and private life. This gender specific crime is often compared with hate and sex crimes.
Violence against women does not depend on the background, race, age or culture of the victim. It also does not depend on geographical location and can be happened in the street or in the workplace or even in her own home. Domestic violence includes intimate partner violence which refers to sexual, physical or psychological abuse and torture by the inmate to gain control over women. The intimate partner violence often turns into sexual violence that comes in the form of sexual aggression, sexual act and forcing for sexual activities. Domestic violence can also be performed by other family members including parents and siblings. Verbal abuses as well as physical and mental torments are very common to find in different parts of the world.
Violence against women can also be committed by total strangers who tend to show sexual aggressions if they get a chance. It includes verbal abuse on the street, rape, human trafficking and forcing women to perform any humiliating act. However, domestic violence by intimate partner is much more severe than violence by a stranger. About 40 - 70% of women who are murdered each year are face death by their partner (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 2006); mostly by their husband or boyfriend.
Six women out of ten have faced any form of sexual abuse in their past. The number is more alarming in under-developed countries. Women of age between 16 and 44 are the major victims. Although social organizations and governments of many countries are working on reducing the rate, it is not working very well and the number seems to be growing very fast.
The major concern regarding to the growing rate of violence against women does not focus just on physical and psychological effect on the abused women as well as the social and economic development in the country. In long run, the violent attitude of male dominating society cause economical undermines for the whole community. It also has a wi...
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