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The Millennium Development Goals (Research Paper Sample)


The Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) are eight international development goals established by the United Nations to encourage development through the improvement of social and economic conditions around the world. To begin your Portfolio Project research, click the link below to access the Millennium Development Goals access the UN Millennium Project website. http://www(dot)undp(dot)org/content/undp/en/home/mdgoverview/ Identify and select two MGDs. Then research the history of the socioeconomic, health, and environmental issues that led to the development of the MDGs you selected by the United Nations in 2000. Analyze and discuss the progress of a developed and developing country towards the MDGs you have chosen to research. Address in your paper: barriers to progress, cost, access, and quality. Discuss your findings in a scholarly paper that discusses and cites no fewer than five credible and scholarly sources. Your paper should be 1,500-2,200 words in length, well-written, and in guidelines for APA Style.


The Millennium Development Goals
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The MDGs 4 and 6 have an impact on the health, socio-economic and environmental issues. There was need to address the environmental causes of diseases such as Malaria to significantly reduce the number of new infections. Child mortality and infection with HIV and other disease also had a socioeconomic burden because families lose their productive time and finances in caring for the ill. HIV infection had the strongest relationship with the economy due to the large number of orphans. The international community listed these two goals in 2000 to improve the socioeconomic, health and environmental incidences creating the problem.
The MDG goal concerned with lowering childhood mortality has its roots with the substantial extent of premature death rate before 2000. It is reported that in 2000, eleven million children below five years died. It also indicated that one hundred and forty other children suffered malnutrition and were underweight. Out of the eleven million deaths, 5 million died from HIV and tuberculosis and almost all these deaths occurred in the developing world. Death and illnesses have a socioeconomic impact. The international community recognized child mortality had significant impact on the health and development of respective countries (Wagstaff & Claeson, 2004).
Improving child health has a direct correlation with economic wellbeing. It is because when children are ill, the entire family gets locked in the financial toll through costs associated t health care and time that may be used in generating income. It is important that countries invest in healthcare because it serves a primary role in breaking the cycle of poverty. Research indicates that health investments made between 1965 and 1990 account for the fifty percent difference in growth rate between Africa and other parts of the world (Dodd & Cassels, 2006).
The international community identified the need to prioritize child health within the overall development and economic policies. The need for addressing broad determinants of ill health such as low levels of education, poverty, unhealthy environment and reducing high-risk behavior became imperative. To address these underlying issues affecting child health and mortality resource mobilization is critical. The amount of aid to developing countries for health between 1997 and 1999 totaled to $64000 million. The international community needed to boost the amount of development assistance for health to low-income countries. In 2002, low-income countries received $8100 million. This is an increase from the levels that were registered in 1999 (Dodd & Cassels, 2006).
Focus on the MDG concerned with combating HIV/AIDs and other diseases arose in the 1990s. The international community got alarmed by the increasing mortality in the developing countries as a result of AIDS, tuberculosis and other diseases. Th...
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