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T.E.A.M. Weightloss (Research Paper Sample)

The Unit One component of your final paper focused on the ‘what' (what was the need, what is the organization, what are the organization's goals and means for measuring success),and the Unit Two component of the paper focused on the “how's” and “why's” of the campaign (how are they trying to achieve their goals and why did they select these strategies). This third and final paper will combine units one and two, while adding on the unit three objectives. The unit three objectives are to address the following: - Use communication concepts/theories/models/frameworks from this class and/or others to explain how the organization could expand the campaign or improve it. I have attached papers 1 and 2 so those can be used to help develop paper 3, but they do not count as sources. Go off some of the theories used in these papers and find sources that correlate. As well as finding additional ones. . Thank you, source..

T.E.A.M. Weight Loss
Kaylee Rosen, Peyton Wolonsky, Kayla Harms, and Danielle Solomon
Texas Christian University
Background Information
Lifetime Fitness started the TEAM Weight Loss campaign to help combat the rising cases of obesity issues facing the US today which according to statistics, has doubled in the last 30 years (Ali, 2012). 72 million Americans struggle with obesity today. The purpose of the campaign is to sensitize the public about the adverse effects of unhealthy lifestyle habits while encouraging them to take up and maintain a healthier lifestyle regime. By emphasizing the importance of a healthier lifestyle to participants, the campaign intends to influence as many people as possible to maintain the new lifestyles for several years in order to call the campaign a success. The campaign seeks to recruit more willing people to the Weight Loss club; they are then divided in groups and offered lessons in form of training e.g. exercises and nutrition lessons for a period of six weeks before they are released to further pursue their quest on their own with periodical supervision for those who need it. The main key to achieving this is through constant motivation and communication with the participants in the program so that as they make daily progressive changes in their physical lives, the goal is to keep them doing this for months and years to come. Cognitive growth and emotional stability have a strong correlation with a healthy lifestyle.
In order to expand the campaign and improve it from one level of success to another, the organization has to employ a combination of communication concepts, techniques, models and frameworks that can see it achieve most of the goals it has set out to achieve. We shall look at various ways approaches that can be used.
Expansion of Campaign
So how does TEAM Weight Loss maintain a strong public image, build on the existing success and increase the number of people taking up the program? The key lies in the effective communication among team players in the work place and constant engagement with the public on the pros of a healthy lifestyle while emphasis is put up on the cons of an unhealthy lifestyle. The choice of words uttered during the interaction among members of the team and during the engagement with the public is what matters the most, then followed by the tine in which we say it. Worth to note too is that the tone in which the members are using to pass the message should be more welcoming and engaging. This creates a continuous flow of communication while keeping the window for persuasion open at most times. However, individuals and organizations that intend to be persuasive must always turn out or exhibit characteristics of trustworthiness. Trust is earned and not demanded, so in order to earn a level of trust the internal set up of the organization and from the external, the individuals and organization must have particularly a good record to sho...
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