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Article Critique Article Appraisal and Synthesis of Literature Review (Research Paper Sample)


Dear writer,
This is a project of teamwork. Our research question and hypothesis is related to "Mental Health influenced by social media on adolescents and young adults."
We will have 4 different articles for each of us.
My part is only one qualitative article that needs to have summary, synthesis, and critique appraisal.
I already found my article as this;
"Adaptive and Maladaptive Means of Using Facebook: A Qualitative Pilot Study to Inform Suggestions for Development of a Future Intervention for Depression"
So you can summarize and synthesis this article and make the form of critical appraisal of qualitative research evidence by filling out each blank area as you give scores with explanation to them and calculate total scores.
I will attach sample files of summary and synthesis with research question and hypothesis.
Below is the rubric of this project.
Thank you.
***Critique of Relevant Literature: Article Appraisal and Synthesis of Literature Review ***
Element Components Points out of 100
Appraisal Tools -The group completed article appraisal for each article using the provided tool.
- Comment on overall quality of each article 10
Review of the literature - Keywords appropriately identified
- Clear explanation of methods used for the search (inclusion and exclusion criteria)
- PRISMA Diagram shows logical flow of article retrieval 10
In-Depth article analysis - The group completed necessary questions using the provided guideline.
Synthesis of the appraisal - Introduced the topic with a brief discussion of the problem and the purpose of the review.
- Explained the research question and search process used to find the articles including inclusion / exclusion criteria
- Described the overview of the research articles found
- Summarized each of one of research articles including the basic details of design, sample, etc. sufficient that the reader
has a thorough understanding of what was studied and how it was done, and a brief summary of the findings which include the main statistics used to support their claims
- Synthesized and / or summarized overall results 20
Implications for practice - Synthesis of research is presented.
- Implications for practice are supported by the research findings presented.
- Limitations of the research evidence are presented (if any)
- Proposed intervention(s) is based on research findings 20
APA format - See APA Guidelines and Recommendations
Total 100
I forgot to add references. You can add 4~5 references in the paper.
Thank you.


Article Summary and Appraisal
Student Name
Institutional Affiliation
Article Summary and Appraisal
PICOT Statement
How does the individuals with elevated depressive symptoms (P) who were interviewed and questioned using the Life Events Checklist (I) want to experience depression-free life (C) by using Facebook after an interpersonal stressor through adaptive and maladaptive ways of utilizing Facebook (O), within the 10 minutes that the participants were required to use Facebook? (T)
The article used mixed methods in order to investigate the use of various SNS and obtain information regarding that could be critical in formulating innovative treatment in the future. The researchers recruited people with elevated depressive symptoms after an interpersonal stressor. The main goal was to determine the adaptive and maladaptive ways of utilizing Facebook. The participants were allowed to state their behaviors while using the social network. They were also allowed to suggest ways in which Facebook could be used to make useful interventions. Lessons learned from the adaptive and maladaptive uses of Facebook could be utilized in the development of an SNS-based intervention for depression.

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