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NURS 6341: Professional Standards in Specialty Areas of Interest (Research Paper Sample)


Assignment 1: Professional Standards in Specialty Areas of Interest
Recall Miriam, the master's-level nurse who chose critical care for her practicum experience. The setting for her clinical experience is the Intensive Care Unit in the hospital that serves the rural area in which she lives. Within that setting, Miriam has observed and worked with patients with a variety of acute illnesses. She has begun to take a particular interest in oncology, motivated by an Advanced Oncology Certified Nurse (AOCN) at the hospital. Because the hospital is small and has only one ICU, Miriam has frequently observed the AOCN engaged in direct care of oncology patients and interaction with family members. Although Miriam's goal is still to be a nurse educator, she is investigating oncology nursing as a future focus for her work, beginning with the professional standards for oncology nursing.
Consider in what ways your own practicum experience might be similar to Miriam's. Have you begun to focus on a particular dimension of your specialty area of interest, or considered practitioners or patients within your practicum specialty as the audience that you would like to educate?
This Assignment furthers your investigation into your specialty of interest by further exploring professional standards that are evident in the day-to-day work within your practicum setting.
To Prepare
Think about and observe the skills, knowledge, and actions of nurses in your practicum.
Reflect on the Nurse Practice Acts (regulation and standardization) you explored in Week 7. In addition, consider the 3Ps and biopsychosocial sciences evident in your specialty of interest.
Research the professional standards for your specialty of interest. You may choose your specialty of interest or an aspect of the specialty that has become your focus through the practicum.
Address the following in a 3- to 4-page paper
Briefly explain how advanced knowledge is evident in your practicum setting. Support your response by citing specific references to practice standards and your practicum experience.
Identify 2–3 professional standards that require knowledge of the 3Ps and biopsychosocial sciences. Support your answer with references to patient care in your specialty of interest.
Explain how you are applying specialty practice standards in your specialty area of interest. Support your response with at least two specific examples.
Explain how you might integrate professional standards into a teaching experience if you were educating nursing students, staff, or patients about a specific topic in this specialty of interest. Suggest at least one specific activity you might use.
By Day 7 of Week 10
Subject: Care for a new ostomy.


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January 8, 2018
While is well known that the primary role of a nurse is to take care of others, it is also necessarily important that he/she educate other people about preventive behaviors. In reality however, educating others about special treatments is difficult specially if the kind of treatment and/or education is highly esoteric for laymen and other practitioners who are not familiar about the matter. Nevertheless, despite the difficulties and other obstacles that might arise in educating other people, Nurses who specializes on different fields must do their best in order to educate other nurses in order to streamline and make the delivery of healthcare much more effective. In turn, other nurses should also explore these fields in order to further improve the care delivered to the patients. As exemplified in the case of Miriam, despite having a “master-level degree” in Critical Care, she is already exploring the option of taking an AOCN (Advanced Oncology Certified Nurse) certificate in the hospital. In line with her desire to be a nurse educator, taking another specialty would prove to be an invaluable asset as nurses and other students whom she would teach could surely learn more both from her experience and her varied specialty. In my case, I would like to pursue a WOC (Wound, Ostomy, and Continence Nursing). This is in line with my desire to educate other nurses and laymen about some misconceptions related to ostomies. To further this idea, this article would be dedicated towards the analysis of some of these misconceptions. Specifically, the role of nurses as health-care practitioners (and their perspective about Ostomies) would be discussed. In the succeeding section, I would then provide my observation of the role of such specialty in my practicum setting. Lastly, I would then provide a deeper analysis of the role of educating other nurses (and perhaps other people) about their mindset on the subject of Ostomies.
Importance of Nurses Perspective on Ostomies
In an article written by Dorman (2009), she observed how the feelings and perspectives of nurses taking care of Ostomates, affect the outcomes of the procedure. In her analysis, she stated that it is important for nurses to both be aware of the patients' and their emotions in order to help make the healing process faster and more effective. On one hand, this is important because a lot of ostomates could feel a variety of emotion associated with the procedure that they just underwent, including feelings of anxiety, shame, lowered self-esteem, and reduced quality of life amongst others. On the other hand, Dorman also said that Nurses should be able to maintain a keen observation on the physical and physiological difficulties that the patients are experiencing. This could include effects of co-morbid diseases, irritation, and lack of coordination and function (Dorman, 2009). In order to do this, she stated that Nurses on their own must be able to remove any negative notions and preconcepti

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