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How do Relationships Between Parents and Children Change Over the Life Cycle? (Research Paper Sample)


HI This is a research paper please use APA style i need this paper for psychology class for nursing program ,


How do relationships between parents and children change over the life cycle?
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How do relationships between parents and children change over the life cycle?
The relationship between the child and the parent involves various combinations of behaviors, parent-child expectations and the feelings they experience which are usually unique to a particular parents and children. The relationship consists of the full development of the child. The parent-child relationship change over the different life stages of the child. During the earlier years of the child, the parents are the solo keeper of the child; they nurture the child, support him/her through the period and provide guidance during his/her development. As the children develop into adolescent stage and into adulthood and move up the ladder of growth, the kind of relationship between parents and children change drastically. The child-parent relationship changes from the child-parent dependent relationship to an equal caring relationship between two grownups (S, L. A, 2004). Behind this relationship changes, it is a shift on how the parent and the child perceive each other. With time, the parents start accepting that their child is no longer that small daughter or son, but a self-directed individual. The children too begin to perceive their parents as special beings and not mere parents; they see them as individuals with their own life histories, shortcomings in life and with specific needs. This, however, may not be available with the current generation, which highly depends on their parents for financial support for a longer period than the earlier generation. There was, however, a great change in the relationships between the parent and child (S, L. A, 2004).
Key terms: adolescence, culture, disciple and family.
Problem statement: How do relationships between parents and children change over the life cycle?
The Study
The study is about the change in the relationships between the parent and the child in the psychosocial development. The study involved other aspects such as the young persons' social skills, temperament, emotional problems, educational, peer and family relationship, behavior, risk-taking and occupational progress (Kohn, 2005). The researchers studied the type of parenting for the children, family functioning and social-demographic influence on the child dependence too. The study involved answering to the following questions:
One of the most important relationships among the many types of relationship in the world is the parent-child relationship. This kind of relationship exists from the womb to the whole life of the child after it is born. The different qualities of relationship among children and their parents are affected by the stability of the parents' marriage, the parents` age, the specific behavior of the child compared to the parents' behaviors and the kind of experience and self-confidence of the parent. The following description shows how the relationship between parent and child change over the life cycle (Encyclopedia of Children's Health, 2014).
Parent-Child Relationship Change at the Infancy Stage
At this stage, the parent cares for the baby entirely on everything because the baby is too fragile, the parent and the child develop a mutual understanding besides the lack of communication between them. With time, the babies start realizing the weakness in their parents when something happens to them that is out of normality. They start realizing that if they cry, parents will hear him/her and subsequently attend to her/his cry. Gradually the parents too start developing the baby`s needs and start responding to them when the baby cries. This kind of familiarity and exchange among the parents and the child forms the foundation of developing a relationship (Koh...
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