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Public Policy Governing Health Care: The IOM Future of Nursing Report (Research Paper Sample)


The IOM Future of Nursing report calls for an increase in leadership from nurses at all levels. One way nurses demonstrate their role as a leader, is through public policy change. A leader does not always carry an official title or position, but demonstrates leadership through the work and the stance the leader takes to make a change for the good of others. Nurses have been noted by the Gallop poll year after year as the most trusted professionals.
This assignment requires thought about a public policy that is needed or needs to be changed that relates to nursing, health care, or the public. Policy changes can occur by working with members of your legislature, and state or national nurses associations, to introduce a new bill and/or change to a current law in your state or federal government.
Examples of public policy includes any component of the current legislation governing health care, Medicare Part D, Medicaid, nursing regulation, medication technicians, etc.
In 750-1,000 words, propose a health policy change (that is currently a bill, a law, or may not exist at all) at the state or federal level that you believe needs to change and why.
The policy must not be a clinical care policy for individual care. The policy involved may include public or community health, legislative or regulatory, professional organization (nursing-oriented), advanced nursing practice, health plan, or hospital plan.
Include a specific section for the exact wording for the bill or change in wording of the law.
Include the plan for the implementation of your policy development, to lobbying for passage, to next steps after passage.
Discuss who would be the champion for the bill/law change from your state advocates (legislators, federal legislators, local or national state nursing organizations). Are these individuals also influential in making changes occur? Did you vote for the individual in office that you want to help you make this change?
Review different pieces of legislation for ideas on wording.
Visit your state’s legislative governmental affairs website site to understand the process your policy change could take if you wanted to introduce to into legislation.
Prepare this assignment according to the APA guidelines found in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center. An abstract is not required


Public Policy Governing Health Care
Author’s Name
Institutional Affiliation
Public Policy Governing Health Care
Introduction-Legislation Governing Community Health Care
The Institute of Medicine (IOM) is associated with the National Academies of Science. It is a non-profit institute dedicated to deal management on healthcare. It is the best platform to provide an opportunity for managers and front-runners to get access to research and publications related to healthcare. In this way, many new ways and new policies can be generated to make healthcare improved and better ADDIN EN.CITE Erb2017884(Erb, 2017)8848845Erb, Christopher TIntroduction: Consumer Choice and Health Care Policy ChallengesConsumer Choice15-322017Routledge(Erb, 2017). With the increase in population, there is a need to change the legislation of community healthcare to fulfill the requirements of the patients and to provide effective care to them.
Monitoring and Evaluation of Health Status in Community
In 2017, Donald Trump signed an order of patient protection and affordable care act 2010 (PPACA). The healthcare setting has been changed by the food and drug administration (FDA). The FDA has passed different policies and laws for the wellbeing of the community. The FDA has tried to resolve the various medical issues such as expensive medicines, eliminate the blockage on free medicines for orphans, and enhanced medicinal review efficacy. Additionally, the FDA encouraged the use of digital health technology that is very important for effective management in clinics and hospitals ADDIN EN.CITE Vogenberg2018896(Vogenberg & Smart, 2018)89689617Vogenberg, F. RandySmart, MaryRegulatory Change Versus Legislation Impacting Health Care Decisions and DeliveryP & T : a peer-reviewed journal for formulary managementP TP & T : a peer-reviewed journal for formulary managementP TP & T : a peer-reviewed journal for formulary managementP T34-38431Food and Drug Administration (FDA)P&T committeePatient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010 (PPACA, ACA)regulation trends2018MediMedia USA, Inc.1052-137229290674 & Smart, 2018). Furthermore, the novel technologies and medical device inventions are very helpful to keep the record of patients, their health record along with prescriptions ADDIN EN.CITE Stanhope2015885(Stanhope & Lancaster, 2015)8858856Stanhope, MarciaLancaster, JeanettePublic health nursing-e-book: Population-centered health care in the community2015Elsevier Health Sciences0323321542(Stanhope & Lancaster, 2015). The proper check and balance of health status are crucial to enhance the quality of the system.
Development of Awareness in Public about Health Issues
For the healthcare of the public, the law of administrative procedure was introduced in 1989. According to article 54 of the law: “The People’s Court may annul a specific administrative act entirely or partially if the act was undertaken in violation of legitimate procedure.” After this law, the issues regarding health administration have progressively gained more attention. To control the process of an administrative act, in 1996, the administrative penalty law passed ADDIN EN.CITE Ma2018895(Ma & Wang, 2018)8958955Ma, HuaideWang, JingboLegislation of Due Process and Administrative ProcedureBuilding a Government Based on the Rule of Law79-1072018Springer(Ma & Wang, 2018). Most of the people are affected by certain diseases because they are unaware of it. To develop awareness in the public, reach out to people to ask various health-related questions then invite them in a...

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