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Relationships Among Nurses’ Professional Self-Concept, Health, and Lifestyles (Research Paper Sample)


Hensel, D. (2011). Relationships among nurses' professional self-concept, health, and lifestyles. Western Journal of Nursing Research, 33(1), 45-62.
Research Critique
Each learner will select a peer reviewed nursing research article from a nursing journal discovered in the search assignment (article is to be approved by the instructor). The research report is to be critiqued by an analysis of the key structures and empirical evidence. Write a short paper (3 – 5 pages). Include a complete reference for the manuscript. Provide faculty with a copy of the research article. See rubric to review points .
Dimension/Characteristics Exceeds Standard
(10) Meets Standard
(7-8) Approaches
(5-6) Below Standard
Appropriate conventions of writing are evident (correct spelling, grammar, sentence structure).
Flow: The critique flows in a logical and systematic manner; it is well structured, concise and informative..
Reflection: Includes reflection on personal relevance or meanings for the findings. The report attempts to answer the questions: what does this study say to me and how does this study contribute to my research proposal?
Exceeds Standard
(20) Meets Standard
(15-19) Approaches Standard
(10-14) Below Standard
Description of study: Sufficiently describes the study so that reader is informed of its purpose, actions taken, methodology, results, and conclusions.
Exceeds Standard
(25) Meets Standard
(20-24) Approaches Standard
(15-19) Below Standard
Critique of research study:
The critique comments on strengths and weaknesses. Critique includes elements learned in class that influence empirical rigor and strengthen the study. Critique covers purpose, literature review, significance, theory or conceptual framework, sampling, setting, ethics, variables, data collection, measurements, analysis, results, recommendations for future study.
Critique validity, reliability; Generalizability, and discussion of limitations and significance
hello, thank you for the last paper that you did. I did not ace it but it was ok. Thanks again. Please, I would like to critique the above article and please follow the rubric. It is qualitative research study and should be given a qualitative critique. You can go to American Nurses association and look at the framework of how to read and critique a research study. its important. This is a nursing critique and i would like somebody with a nursing background to do it. please, follow the rubric carefully. Thank you.


Article Critique
Article Critique
The article to be evaluated in this essay is titled Relationships Among Nurses’ Professional Self-Concept, Health, and Lifestyles. This is a qualitative journal article that was authored by Desiree Hensel. the article was published in the year 2011 and in the Western Journal of Nursing Research. For access the article was published for the purposes of informing the persons in the profession to evaluate the information and determine if it has any element of truth in it. In the Western Journal of Nursing Research, the article was published under volume 33 and placed under issue one. For persons that access the article on the journal, they have to go to page forty-five all the way to page sixty-two (Hensel, 2011). For purposes of reprints and permissions, these are possible on the website, /journalsPermissions.nav. Ideally the author in this article wants to establish the element of self-image or as it is referred to in the article, self-concept. Nurses develop perceptions about themselves which also affects the way that they deliver services to the patients. These perceptions are developed as the nurses interact with the environment and as result tend to judge themselves against the rest of the staff that they come across at the work place or even interact online (Hensel, 2011). They then match their ideals to those that they interact with and form a perception of what they feel is their personal image. The image that the nurses form of themselves is crucial to their retention and the performance at their pace of work.
The title of the paper, Relationships Among Nurses’ Professional Self-Concept, Health, and Lifestyles, is quite fitting and informative to the readers. From the title, it is possible for the readers to easily understand what the article is talking about. This is a crucial aspect of the good title as it should short and precise but still passing enough information to help the readers get a highlight of the article content.
The abstract of the paper is very informative to the readers, as it brings out all the main points that have been included in the paper. The author is precise and keen on highlighting all the parts of the article from the introduction to the results along with the discussion. However, little is mentioned about the methodology and the weaknesses of the research.
The article is also messing the theoretical framework part; however, the literature review part is quite informative. Using secondary sources and well-argued discussions, the author is able to inform the readers on the existing body of knowled...
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