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Priorities of Nursing Leadership Reshaping the Workforce (Research Paper Sample)


Identify current research that explores the reshaping workforce for the nursing leadership priorities.
Assemble bibliography of resources that address the chosen nursing leadership priorities.
Describe how each of the selected sources supports the chosen nursing leadership priorities.


Priorities in Nursing Leadership
Priorities in Nursing Leadership
Gavigan, M., Fitzpatrick, T., & Miserendino, C. (2016). Effective Staffing Takes a Village: Creating the Staffing Ecosystem. Nursing Economics 34(2), 58-64.
The need to flex staffing to actual demand is another strategic priority for the nursing leader. According to Gavigan, Fitzpatrick, and Miserendino (2016), conventional approaches for dealing with the challenges of nursing staffing and scheduling are not always efficient in the modern intricate and unstable healthcare climate. The length of stay in the intensive care unit is short yet need high intensity of services and nursing capital. Given the importance of the nurse in inpatient care, there is need for nurse leaders to come up with new models to take care of patients in the wards. The challenges that the health care system face cannot be solved using simple algebra. Nurse leaders need to develop strategies through which they can deploy nurses in a manner that ensures that all inpatients are accorded good care. This should be done in the full realization that the tight budgets that hospitals operate under do not allow those hospitals to hire extra staff. The article proposes an optimization model for health care institutions to help in staffing their hospitals.
The authors do not incorporate outside research as is necessary for scholarly articles. The lack of outside research does not however make the article lose its credibility especially considering that it is published in a reputable journal. The article is published in a reputable journal that makes it even more credible in addressing the given topic. The article is useful to my research and as such, I will rely heavily on it in completing my research paper.
Lorenzetti, J., Gelbcke, F., & Vandresen, L. (2016). Management Technology for Hospital Inpatient Care Units. Texto Contexto Enferm 25(2), 1-11.
 Innovation on the inpatient care-staffing model is another priority for the nursing leader. According to Lorenzetti, Gelbcke, and Vandresen (2016), meeting the society’s need for quality and safe healthcare increases the costs of the industry and calls for adequate and innovative management practices. Traditionally, the focus of the management was on organizing the industry in a professional way in order to allow physicians to operate with great autonomy. With the current focus on quality and efficiency in care, the biggest focus is on the integration of diverse services and their care processes. Nursing care is very crucial in ensuring that hospitals offer high quality care at a cost effectiv

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