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APN Intervention Patient-nurse Relationship (Research Paper Sample)


Part one due Thursday this is a multiple steps to this assignment see attached. First step assignment Post op surgical site infections total joints for elderly diabetic population. Need abstract and 6 references see attached sample chart.


Patient-nurse Relationship
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Advanced Practice Nursing (APN) refers to nursing interventions that impact healthcare results. These interventions include; direct care of separate patients, care management for persons and residents, and the development and implementation of health policy as well as patient-nurse relationship (Butcher,et al. 2018). Patient-nurse relationship refers to a therapeutic relationship between patient and nurse that facilitate the rehabilitation of a patient based on mutual trust and respect. This relationship has played an important role in facilitating healing processes especially to patient recovery from surgeries. It will also help to improve the performance of the surgery sites to reduce reinfection. The mode of intervention will increase the relationship between the health specialist and the patient.
The number of surgery performed in the elderly persons has increase over time, which the rate has been projected to 175% by 2030. However, the surgery performed on these sites also lead to additional complication such as periprosthetic joint infection (Subrata et al. 2020). Most of these surgeries depend on the frequency of the surgery, lifestyle and some chronic disorders such as obesity, malnutrition, diabetes mellitus, tobacco, usage of alcohol, issues of cardiovascular and depression. Moreover, patients of age above 65 years are mostly subjected to these risk factors. In most cases, nurses do not know how to choose a better model of intervention that can help the patient recover very fast from their surgery. Thus the low method of intervention can lead to further infections to the patient.
Most patients do believe in medication and treatments as the best options for a quick recovery—however a better care results from addressing the physical issues that may impact patient's health. Most researches indicate that the health outcome of the patient is affected by the close relationship between the patient and the nurse or healthcare practitioner. To improve the patient-nurse relations, the following factors should be considered. Active listening is the best device to use while communicating with the patient (Subrata et al., 2019). The nurse is expected to pay close attention to the meaning and the subtexts of what the patient is articulating, therefore, will create an understanding of the patients complains, fear and need. Active listening facilita

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