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Orgazinations Structure and Leadership. How Decision Are Made (Research Paper Sample)


How does the structure of an organization impact planning and decision making? What is the significance of organizational structure for your role as a nurse leader?
This week you look at formal organizational structure, which is typically depicted through an organizational chart. In addition, you consider the informal structure of organizations, which relates to the often unnoticed or underappreciated relationships and interactions that are actually quite influential. Also this week, you consider the use and functions of committees, task forces, and councils in health care settings. In addition, you examine the impact of formal and informal leadership within the organization.

In most health care settings, it is unlikely that you would hear the terms “ad hoc” or “matrix” as you walk down the hallway. Although it is helpful for any organization to delineate pathways of responsibility and authority in an organizational chart, the lived experience of these structures is most apparent through the inquiries and behaviors people share everyday.
In your own workplace, you may find yourself wondering, who should I turn to when I have a practice dilemma? or Where can I go to learn more about this issue? These questions speak to the intricacies of formal and informal organizational structure and leadership.
To prepare:
Review the information presented in Chapter 12 of the course text. Focus on the information about formal versus informal structure as well as the types of organizational structures.
Consider the overall structure or hierarchy of your organization or one with which you are familiar. Which organizational structure best describes your organization—line (or bureaucratic), ad hoc, matrix, service line, or flat? Note: It is possible to have a combination of structures in one organization. Is decision making centralized or decentralized in this organization?
What is the role of committees, task forces, and councils in the organization, and who is invited to join? Consider how this relates to formal and informal leadership.
Reflect on how decisions are made within a specific department or unit. Which stakeholders provide input or influence the decision-making process? Assess this in terms of formal and informal leadership.
To support your analysis, consider your own experiences and investigate these matters by speaking with others at the organization and reviewing available documents. Be sure to consider how the concepts of formal and informal structure and leadership relate to one another and are demonstrated in the organization and in the particular department or unit.
By Day 3
Post a depiction of your organization’s formal structure, indicating whether it is best described as line, ad hoc, matrix, service line, flat, or a combination. Describe how decisions are made within the organization and within one department or unit in particular, noting relevant attributes of centralized/decentralized decision making. Explain the influence of formal and informal leadership on decision making within this department or unit.


Organizational Structure
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I work in a famous hospital where a line structure is used for the delineation of authority and leadership. The name of the hospital is Saint Alphonsus, and its branches are located across 20 states.

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