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Occupational Therapy Approach to Blind Adults on How to Guide Them in Everyday Tasks (Research Paper Sample)

The format should include the ff: I. Abstract II. Introduction III. Statement of the Problem IV. Objectives V. Significance of the Study VI. Review of Literature VII. Methodology VIII. Presentation or results IX. Analysis and conclusion X. Recommendation XI. References source..

Occupational Therapy Approach to Blind Adults on How to Guide Them in Everyday Tasks
The number of blind adults has been increasing rapidly. The increased number may be attributed to health, dietary and genetic factors. The effects of low vision can be detrimental to a person`s life. However, people should accept the fact that blind people can be helped to cope up with challenges in life through occupation therapy and guidance. Blind people can improve their quality of life through a variety of adaptive aids and rehabilitation services to train them how to utilize low vision effectively.
More than 19 million Americans are experiencing blindness. Visual impairment is one of the top 10 disabilities among adults, with the elderly being the most vulnerable. Older adults with blindness are four times likely to encounter difficulties in completing ADLs (activities for daily living than adults with normal vision. The daily activities include taking a walk, preparing meals and managing medications. Occupation therapy stresses on reducing the effects of blindness by promoting participation in valued activities and enhancing independence (Everson, 1995).
Occupation refers to activities that one expects to do and has meaning to him or her. Occupation therapy is usually conducted by occupation therapy practitioners who address numerous dimensions of visual disabilities that include psychological, cognitive, physical and social barriers that prevent adults from participating in daily activities. Occupation therapy practitioner works to ensure that adults with visual impairment take part and place in their community even though they may have disabilities and be subjected to social stigma. In additional, occupation therapy practitioners are part of coordination rehabilitation team that is aimed at enabling blind adults to acquire productive employment and continuous independent living (O'Hagan &Great Britain,1998).Occupation therapy is essential in enabling activity analysis and modification of the environment to establish how blindness limits an individual`s capability to undertake essential daily tasks. Occupational therapy modifies the environment and tasks to remove and minimize the barriers. For instance, a task may be structured to eradicate a vision dependent step in order to suit the needs of the visually impaired person. For instance, programming a telephone to make speed dial number in case an individual faces an emergency is an example of steps undertaken to improve the quality of life of a blind adult. The therapy also assists in evaluating the environment where an individual undertakes his or her activity to determine those things that inhibit or promote safety, participation and independence so as to come up with recommendations and develop modifications. In addition, occupation therapy assists in developing assistive technology and adaptive devices to enable blind adults to use non optical and op...
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