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Individual Assignment. Obesity. Health, Medicine Research Paper (Research Paper Sample)


(The first part of this assignment, was teaching, and my topic I picked to teach on was obesity, to my patients. My patients are psychiatric patients, and obesity is one of the side effects of most of the psychotropic medications. I presented the other part already, only need the written portion of this assignment. Overall the teaching was receptive, they need reinforcement , they need to improve on their choice of food. I use the Trenton Psychiatric Hospital, because this is where I work.


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In Trenton Psychiatric Hospital, I organized sessions with patients and tried to teach and educate them basing on the problems and issues I noticed at hand. I needed to pick an area that affects them to get them engaged and also to convince them to participate. When they realized I am teaching in a real-world and day to day area that affects all of them, they showed a willingness to learn they participated actively in the sessions regularly. I picked obesity, which is relevant to the patients because being psychiatric patients, obesity is a side effect of most psychotropic medications.
On teaching, I used charts and other pictorial representations. I showed them pictures of obese people. I also used talks through which I explained significant obesity concepts is and how they all are vulnerable to being overweight. I made them understand what the effects of being overweight are. The sessions were engaging as they tried to explain their perceptions and fears about obesity. From the meetings we had, it turned out most of them knew about obesity and a "friend's mom who is obese," but they did not really relate it to themselves or even contemplate any chances of them becoming obese. Obesity becomes a big problem when you have it as it makes you vulnerable, and I made sure they saw how. The patients participated, and they even helped in listing down medical problems associated with being obese according to how they understood the talk, and on the list of what they listed are heart diseases, diabetes, high blood pressure, and some cancers. This was accurate, and it helped me a lot in gauging their understanding.
Obesity is the state of being grossly overweight, and according to the National Institute of Health, it is a Body Mass of 30 and above, which is over 30 pounds. The condition is chronic and can lead to diabetes, high blood pressure, gallstones, and heart diseases, as the patients stated correctly. It is so sensitive, and the fact that it has a very high lapse rate makes it difficult to treat. In most patients, the relapse is about five up to ten years. The treatment is mostly a long-term commitment to proper diet and physical exercises. It is mainly caused by physical inactivity as it is ordinary people who are mostly indoors are inclined to becoming obese. This is because they involve themselves in fewer activities making glucose levels go up. The increased glucose levels then make the excess to be converted to glycogen, which is results in the fat and more weight.
Overeating is, in most instances, directly associated with causing obesity as overeating brings about overproduction of glucose. In some cases, however, obesity is genetic. It could be out of mutations in genes that are responsible for controlling the appetites and the amount of food intake. This makes an individual eat more food, and as we have seen above, overeating is a major cause of obesity. In other cases, individuals don't eat a lot of food at once, but they eat way too frequently. This practice is healthier compared to those who consume one or two meals. Frequent meals mean that the insulin is stable as it is supplied in small amounts at intervals. On the other hand, one massive meal spikes insulin levels.
In other cases, however, obesity can be caused by medication. Such medication as some anticonvulsants like carbamazepine and valporoate like Dapakene cause weight gain. The use of these medical drugs may, therefore, contribute largely to an individual becoming obese. It is, however, true that there are other causes of obesity like some social issues, psychological factors, and high simple carbohydrates in the diet.
In the whole teaching process, real progress was made as soon the sessions started registering ...

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