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Nursing Critique: Schilling, Owuor, Ogange & Quick (2013) (Research Paper Sample)


Flow: The critique flows in a logical and systematic manner; it is well structured, concise and informative..
Reflection: Includes reflection on personal relevance or meanings for the findings. The report attempts to answer the questions: what does this study say to me and how does this study contribute to my research proposal?
Description of study: Sufficiently describes the study so that reader is informed of its purpose, actions taken, methodology, results, and conclusions.
Critique of research study:
The critique comments on strengths and weaknesses. Critique includes elements learned in class that influence empirical rigor and strengthen the study. Critique covers purpose, literature review, significance, theory or conceptual framework, sampling, setting, ethics, variables, data collection, measurements, analysis, results, recommendations for future study.
Critique validity, reliability; Generalizability, and discussion of limitations and significance
QUESTION: This is my research question that will apply to my research proposal.
In new employee nurses at Virginia Hospital Center, how effective is providing training around handwashing on increasing the rate of hand washing in comparison with new employee nurses who received a pamphlet and no training
Hello, please , i need your best. This paper is my only way out to pass this course. Here attached is the article and the guide to doing a good qualitative research. PLEASE, DO YOUR BEST!!!! Look at the rubric also.


Nursing Critique
Student’s Name
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Nursing Critique
Person, Schilling, Owuor, Ogange & Quick (2013), is a journal on a qualitative study that was conducted in Kenya with the aim of establishing an understanding of the common hand drying behaviors associated with activities of daily living, and nose and covering practices among the Kenyans. The study found that most of the respondents used rags, lesos and their clothes to dry their hands and also used their hands to cover their nose and mouth while sneezing or coughing. The study concluded that these practices could compromise the essence of hand washing and could contribute to the spread of diseases. The authors concluded that understanding of these practices could inform health promotion activities and foster prevention and control of influenza and diarrheal diseases.
The title of the journal is insufficient and does not fully describe the entire article. While the study sought to establish the hand drying practices among the population and how these practices contributed to the spread of diarrheal diseases and influenza, the title only describes hand drying practices. In fact, one would ask the author why an evaluation of the hand drying practices among Kenyans. This question could arise because the title does not comprehensively describe the study. The abstract of the paper is broad, elaborative and sufficient. It describes the entire report. It states the background of the study, the significance of the study, the method used, major findings and the conclusion of the study.
The introduction of the paper establishes a clear purpose of the study. It provides a background of the problem that is presented in terms of statistical figures and percentages, first beginning with the significance of the problem to the world population and narrowing down to the population sample of the study. The introduction also provides a brief literature review describing previous research and demonstrates the game in the knowledge that exists. The paper introduces and explains the problem clearly outlining the purpose of the paper as it fits the gap of knowledge that exists. By reviewing the literature gathered from previous studies, the introduction of the paper contributes to the purpose of the paper by exposing what has been done and what the current study will fulfill.
However, although the introduction goes a great mile in describing the purpose of the study, the authors put all together the introduction of the background of the study, the significance of the study, statement of the problem and purpose of the study. Theses aspects have not been given eno...
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