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NUR 4169c: Evidence Based Practice (Research Paper Sample)

PLEASE READ AND FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS. I will attach the PICOT AND SYNTHESIS PAPERS FOR THIS ASSIGNMENT. please follow the picot question for this assignment. University of South Florida College of Nursing NUR 4169c: Evidence Based Practice Assignment Directions: Evidence Based Practice Project The purpose of this assignment is to plan your evidence based practice project based on your PICOT question and your literature synthesis. This assignment should be ready to implement after approval from your organization. It is not required that it be approved or implemented, however, to achieve success in this course. So you may be well prepared, review all the lectures associated with this course, read all the assigned chapters, and view the suggested websites. There is a lot of good information on the internet about EPB projects, and many published papers about EBP implementation successes. This assignment requires submission of a draft for formative feedback, after which you will submit your final paper with all suggested revisions. Below you will find the required elements of this assignment. Use the bolded words as headings. All submissions must be in APA format, using the suggested headings below. Please note there is a minimum of 900 words, or 3full pages for this assignment that must be submitted for formative feedback. Together, both papers meet the 1800 word minimum for this assignment. Points will be deducted for not adhering to the word count. 1. Introduction – identify the need for change in practice. a. Identify the initial clinical question (from PICOT paper). b. Identify the infrastructure to support a change in the proposed setting 2. Summary of synthesized literature review of best evidence. a. Start with the parameters of your lit search process: the search engines used and key words. b. 2-3 paragraphs of synthesis, citing all literature used. 3. Proposed Practice Change a. Identify the proposed change in practice based on the evidence. 4. Change Strategy a. Identify strategies to promote staff/team engagement. b. Approach to change consistent with organizational culture i. EBP Model or Change Theory 5. Roll Out Plan a. Identify a time frame for practice change rollout (see example p 465). b. List and define all steps in the rollout process. c. Bullets, numbered steps, or use of tables are preferred 6. Project Evaluation a. Identify the specific data you plan to collect to evaluate the change, focusing on PICOT outcomes (not staff compliance) b. Include specific parameters that will indicate success or failure c. Identify how the data will be collected 7. Dissemination of EBP a. Identify the methods planned to disseminate the change locally and regionally. b. Customize to your clinical setting/population. c. Include the plan for other units, hospitals, regions source..

Nurse Intervention to Prevent Pressure Ulcers
Clana Marcellus
University of South Florida
This evidence-based project has its basis on the prevention and treatment of bed pressure ulcers by the nursing staff for bed bound patients. Thus, the PICOT question looked into the role of repositioning in preventing pressure ulcers for patients between the ages of 25 to 65 in comparison to independent patients for a period covering ne to three months. The results of the study were also compared for a period spanning one to three months. In the UK between 4% and 10% of all hospitalized patients, at least one of the patients develop a pressure ulcers while 70% of aged people in UK with mobility problems develop pressure ulcer (NHS, 2005).
Infrastructure to support a change in the proposed setting
In order to achieve the set objectives, the hospital envisions changing the shift patterns of the patient, as well as adding new beds in the expanded wings of the hospital. Development of pressure ulcers is a growing problem and it is necessary to turn patients every two hours to make them more comfortable. In addition, the hospital will have to invest in purchase of more med septic skin protection cream, as well as use protective equipment to cut down the possibility of pressure ulcers occurring. The key people to make the project successful will be the nurses, nurse leaders, and nurse specialists. They will collaborate to prevent development of pressure ulcers and assess the risk for bed bound patients.
Summary of synthesized literature review of best evidence
To collect evidence on the effectiveness of nursing interventions in preventing bedsores the research mainly relied on electronic search engines. These search engines included: PubMed, CINAHL, PubMed, and To narrow down the results of the study the keywords used were pressure ulcers, nurses and bedsores. Furthermore, all the studies focused on...
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