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Margaret Newman: Health as Expanding Consciousness Research Paper (Research Paper Sample)


Mid-Range Theory Assignment Application to Practice
Focus: The focus of this assignment is to describe a mid-range nursing theory and apply it to nursing practice. Consider the applicability of the theory to advanced nursing.
Activity: Compose a scholarly paper addressing the criteria below. Support your analysis with scholarly references in addition to textbooks.
• Introduction: 
◦ Identify the mid-range nursing theorist you have selected. Explain your rationale for selecting the theorist
◦ Brief biography of theorist: education, achievements, influences
• Summary of the theory Include:
◦ Scope: Describe the central thesis of the theory.
◦ Context: Describe the metaparadigm concepts addressed by the theory.
◦ Content: Describe the unique concepts of the theory.
• Application of theory to nursing. This section may be based on an actual or potential application of theory to a clinical, administrative, or educational situation.
• Applicability
• Description of the setting in which the theory will be applied (practice, education, administration, research).
• How do the concepts of the theory relate to the actual nursing situation you have selected?  Explain and give examples.
• Feasibility
• How easily could you use this theory in your current practice and in practice as an APN? Is the theory too complex or too simple? What problems do you anticipate? Explain and give examples.
• What do you believe this theory can contribute to health care and nursing practice/administration? Explain and give examples.
• Writing Style
◦ Graduate level writing is required. The paper should be well organized using correct grammar, spelling, punctuation, sentence structure and meticulously adhere to APA format.
◦ An abstract is required.
◦ Use the criterion above as first level headings (Introduction, Summary, Application, Applicability, Feasibility). Address all content below each criterion to ensure that the paper is neat, organized and easy to follow.
◦ References must be current (within 5 years) and include scholarly journals.
◦ The final Turnitin originality report must be less than 15%.
Here are some articles that may help and I will like it included in the paper.
Health As Expanding Consciousness: Clinical Reasoning in Baccalaureate Nursing Students
Mary W. Stec, RN; PhD1
Integrative Review on the Use of Newman Praxis Relationship in Chronic Illness.
Rosa, Katherine C.
In this book you can find information without buying the book.


Margaret Newman’s Health as Expanding Consciousness Theory
Institutional Affiliation
Nursing theories have been explored and created by several theorist, but with the Health as Expanding Consciousness created by Dr. Margaret Newman enriches the nursing practice, values and principles. The metaparadigm concepts of nursing are applied to the finding of Newman that are applied to the today’s clinical nursing profession to improve on the nurse-patient relationship. The applicability of the theory gives the nurses the skills, knowledge, and art of caring for their patients. The theory is feasible in the nursing practice and has greatly contributed to the current Advanced Practice Nurse (APN) practice and improved the nurse-patient relationships.
Key words: Margaret Newman, Nursing, consciousness, health, theory.

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