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Labor and Delivery in Nursing (Research Paper Sample)


Hello, I would like my paper to be on labor and delivery in nursing. Here are the instructions
2. Requirements for Professional Paper
1. Produce an informational professional paper on a professional nursing role. This
paper will be written in your own words, using professional journal articles and
nursing organization websites as references. IF you find that you are copying word
for word so that someone else’s words are being presented as yours, you will receive
a zero.
2. APA format required.
3. Use at least two American nursing journals published within the past five years; no
commercial websites
4. Cover page in APA format
5. Introduction: What is the professional nursing role you are researching? Explain the
6. Educational preparations for role
-Is there specific training required for this professional nursing role?
-Is there a certification available and if so what is the process to obtain
7. Case study example:
-Develop a case study identifying a patient/family that your nursing specialty
would take care of. What specifically does this professional nurse do and focus
on? Focus on what is special about this nursing role.
8. Standards:
-Using all of the 16 nursing standards explain the standard and how specifically
each standard applies to the work of this nursing role? Give examples for each
standard using your research articles to support your ideas .
9. Publications and organizations
-What are the specific nursing journals that would help this type of professional
nurse succeed in this role and in what way would these journals help?
-What specifiic professional Nursing organization(s) would help this type of
professional nurse succeed in this role and in what way would these
organizations help?
10. Conclusion - summary of the professional paper
11. Reference page


Labor and Delivery
Nurses have the professional obligation to make sure that they offer the best quality care to their patients at all times. Labor and delivery form part of the most crucial roles that the nurses play within the health care sector. Every day labor and delivery help bring more people into the world in the most professional manner while ensuring quality care to the mother and the child. For the millions of children that are born every day into the world, labor and delivery nurses are part of the process to ensure healthy populations across the globe. This statement cannot full express the importance of the labor and delivery nurse, relative to the sensitivity of their obligations. It is not just at the point of delivery the labor and delivery nurses come to offer their professional help to the mother and baby; rather it is a continuous process (Van Wicklin, 2010). From the first time that pregnant mothers come to the clinic, labor and delivery nurses offer their expertise and care, to the mother the child and offer support to them and their family. Labor and delivery nurses monitor the development of the baby and the mother, through the antenatal care programs, during delivery and postnatal care. This element of care is designed to make sure that the mother and the child are in the best of their health status during the pregnancy, delivery and even after the baby is born. As such, labor and delivery nurses play a very crucial role in the health and well-being of patient and their unborn child. Aspects such as breastfeeding are crucial after birth and nurses offer assistance to the mothers by giving them advice on the best practices (Van Wicklin, 2010). Labor and delivery nurses prepare the mothers, their babies and the families to the events surrounding birth, while at the same time offering the doctors assistance.
Labor and Delivery Nurses
Labor and delivery nurses play a major role in the neonatal, postpartum, intrapartum and even in the antepartum. These are important stages of life for the newborn, their mothers and the family by extension. The labor and delivery are responsible for assessing each and every mother and child and developing an individualized care plan that best delivers the best care method. They also have to collaborate with the physicians as well as health care providers to make sure that the health care plan developed involves multidisciplinary team efforts and inputs are directed towards best practices and outcomes for the mother and the child, while offering satisfaction extended to the family. Other than monitoring the mother and child, they also have the obligation of teaching their patients about their health and in reference to child birth and quality care (Van Wicklin, 2010). Different patient will have different needs and their responses to the devised care practices may vary. As such, the labor and care nurses have to ensure that they modify the individual plans of care, depending on the response of the patient and the effectiveness of the same, relative to the needs of the patient, their baby and the family members. Other than offering medical care, the labor and delivery nurses also offer their patient and their families, emotional and psychological support. There are quite a number of roles that the labor and delivery nurses play depending on the patient, institution and the departmental duties. One of the main roles is as an antepartum nurse, where they offer care to patients that develop complications during their pregnancy and highly need hospitalization.
They also provide care to patients that are in labor deliver whether they have complications or not (Van Wicklin, 2010). They also play the role of circulating nurses, where they provide care to patients by managing care in the operating rooms especia...
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