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The Physiological And Biological Growth And Development Kangaroo Care (Research Paper Sample)


Using the references you identified in the module 1, write a first draft of your paper in 2,500-3,000 words.
Include Abstract, Introduction, Methods, Results, Discussion, Conclusions, and References sections and headings.
Refer to one of the journal references you are using and copy its writing style/format rather than APA (You can also typically go to the journal's home page and find links to their exact rules). Identify which journal format you are using on the title page.


Kangaroo Care
Institutional Affiliation

[The first source is formatted in IEEE style]
The births of preterm infants come along with the challenges of the provision of appropriate conditions for the physiological and biological growth and development. Aspects such as the body temperature, the heart rate, saturation of oxygen and the respiratory processes require constant monitoring. However, due to the limitation of the equipment used in monitoring the factors in the past, high rates of infant mortality have been reported. For instance, in Korea, the preterm infant mortality rates were at seventy percent. To limit the rates of preterm infant mortality, an alternative care system, the kangaroo care, was adopted. Kangaroo care entails a skin-to-skin contact between the preterm infants and their mothers. A number of biological and physiological benefits are reported to result from the system. The regulation of the body temperatures for the infants, appropriate sleep and wake cycles, the heart rates and the respiratory processes are some of the biological benefits aided with kangaroo care. Improvements in the bond between the infants and the mother and enhancement of self-esteem and confidence for the mothers are realized through kangaroo care. Therefore, if kangaroo care is utilized more often, the parental and infant

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