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Information Retrieval Part 3 (Research Paper Sample)


This Module you will begin to develop an Information Retrieval Paper. This Assignment focuses on identifying appropriate evidence-based nursing practices related to specific problems you may identify as you work in the healthcare/workplace setting.   

The goals of an Information Retrieval Paper are to (1) practice using APA format, (2) summarize and examine the strengths and limitations of research articles, and (3) prepare you for the Nursing Research Course where you will write a research paper using the skills you have learned completing this Information Retrieval Paper.

As a part of your Information Retrieval Paper, you will begin development of a research question using PICO format.  Chapter 10 of the Role Development text book explains PICO. Be sure to develop your research question and then just below your research question delineate what the P, I, C, and O components of your question are.  

For this Module 3 Assignment you will prepare a Title Page in proper APA format for your Information Retrieval Paper, identify three peer-reviewed articles, and summarize each article using APA format.

It may be helpful to look at the outline for the entire paper before you begin this Module’s Assignment. Assignments in this Module plus in Module 4 and 5 will address the Information Retrieval Paper.


Submit by 2359 Saturday at the close of Module 5 (Last week of the course)
NameDate:Overview: “Information Retrieval Paper: Part 3”
This week, you will complete Part 3 of the Information Retrieval Paper, which you worked on in Module 3 and 4.
So far, you have developed a research question, identified the PICO components of your research question, included your rationale for selecting your research question, created a title page for your paper in APA format, located three peer-reviewed articles, summarized each article in APA format, and critically analyzed the articles.
In this module, you will summarize and synthesize the key points of the peer reviewed, evidence based articles and develop a reference page in APA format.
Be sure to review the previous assignments that relate to the Information Retrieval Paper. Incorporate your Coach’s suggestions and corrections so you won’t make the same mistakes again in this last section of the Information Retrieval Paper.
Performance Objectives:
Synthesize the key points of peer reviewed, evidenced based articles.
Develop a reference page in APA format.
Use correct grammar, punctuation, and American Psychological Association (APA) format in writing professional papers.
Use this rubric to guide your work “Information Retrieval Paper, Part 3.”
Needs Improvement
Week 2 Application:"Information Retrieval Paper: Part 3" (100 points total)
Task #1:Conclusion: Summarize Key Points (Total 67 points) Correct Grammar and APA Format are graded heavily.
Key findings are identified and discussed relating to the identified research question studied. No grammar or APA errors and scholarly writing is fully observed. (67 points)
Key findings are identified and minimally linked to the identified research question studied. There are no more than 3 total grammar AAND/OR APA errors, and scholarly writing is predominately observed. (37-63 points)
Key findings are not fully identified or discussed as related to the peer research question AND/OR there are more than 3 grammar/APA errors and scholarly writing is not observed. (0-33points)
Task #2: Reference Page
(Total 33 points) Correct Grammar and APA Format are graded heavily.
References are cited in APA format, alphabetized, and complete. (33 points)

References have no more than 3 grammar AND/OR APA format errors. (20-30 points)

References have more than 3 grammar ANS/OR APA format errors. (0-17 points)

Week 7 Application
Information Retrieval Paper: Part 3
In this week’s assignment, you will complete your Information Retrieval Paper. Review the outline for the entire paper before your begin.
APA Format ElementsTimelineTitle Page in APA format Completion TimelineAPA format
Citations in the body of the paper
Headings Applicable each time sections are submittedWriting style
Paragraphs of at least three well-written sentences
Organization and flow Applicable each time sections are submitted Conte...
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