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The Impact Of Poverty On Health Outcomes (Research Paper Sample)


Based the 2 articles you wrote before, finish the final paper, use all the sources you find in those 2 articles and add one source, which should be a data set.


Impact of Poverty on Health
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The purpose of this paper is to highlight impacts of poverty on human health. Poverty is often described as lack of food, water, shelter and clothing, and is likely to leave a negative impact on our lives. We can also say that poverty is a condition characterized by deprivation of primary human needs, and various people across the United States are unable to access these essential requirements. They are often left with no jobs and no foods, and may develop major or minor health complications such as blood pressure, depression, anxiety, and even cancer. Thus, we can say that financial crisis is directly linked to health complications and the governments need to address this issue on an immediate basis before it's too late and various people either suffer from health problems or lose their lives (CMMS, 2017).
Keywords: poverty, health, diseases, financial crisis.
To better understand the connection between health and SES (socio-economic status), we first need to ask two important questions: What is meant by socio-economic status? What is meant by health? This research paper begins with discussions of how to determine the socio-economic status and how to get out of the uncertain situations. Socio-economic status can be defined as an individual's status in the society based on his wealth and source of income. If a person, for example, earns over $200 per day from his business or job, then he is considered financially powerful. On the other hand, if a person earns something from $2 to $190 per day, then his socio-economic status is considered as poor, which is because he might not be able to raise his family and ensure the provision of best health and education facilities to his children. At the individual level, personal experiences of poverty are often associated with poor health, and at the population level, the society with unequal distribution of money is likely to experience worst health than the society with equal distribution of income or money (CMMS, 2017).
It is to be noticed that in the United States, a large number of families live in one-bedroom apartments because they have no money to buy luxury houses and fancy cars. In such circumstances, they might not be able to save the life of their dying colleague or family member. Thus, the policymakers should take notice of this action and provide poor and needy people with free medical or healthcare facilities. A person is considered healthy when he has no long-lasting complication such as diabetes and blood pressure, is mentally and physically strong, and is capable of performing his day-to-day tasks in a better way. In contrast, a person is considered ill or unhealthy when he is unable to perform his tasks efficiently, develops some major or minor complication, feels tired and weak, and is asked to get medical treatment as soon as possible. In areas where income is not equally shared, household equivalent income is likely to provide biased measures of individual SES. With currently available data, nothing can be done to resolve this issue (Deaton, 2003).
Applied economy theory is used in this study, which clarifies that most children and teenagers have no personal source of income, and that they mainly depend on their fathers or mothers for pocket money. Different areas of economic surplus were identified and subsequently screened as well as analyzed where people don't earn a lot to support education and health of their children and other family members. It means in emergency situations, they won't be able to bring their beloved to a private clinic or a famous hospital just because they cannot afford fees. This research paper aims to evaluate the health status of 100 to 200 poor ...

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