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Impact of HIV Stigmatization: Vital HIV Health Services (Research Paper Sample)


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Impact of HIV Stigmatization on the Use of Vital HIV Health Services


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Impact of HIV Stigmatization on the Use of Vital HIV Health Services

HIV Stigmatization

HIV stigmatization encompasses all the negative and cynical attitudes, beliefs, and feelings targeted at people with HIV by their family members, colleagues and the society as a whole. It occurs in various forms such as a violation of rights, denial of quality health services, insults, among many others. There are various types of HIV stigmatization. Self-stigma comes from within as fear of discrimination and causes mental problems. Government stigma manifests through legislation that alienates people living with HIV such as restrictions on travel and entry into certain countries. Healthcare stigma manifests in ways such as mandatory testing, additional payments, violation of privacy, as well as giving low-quality services (Halli, et al., 2017).
HIV stigmatization is a major global issue and a significant barrier to the prevention, treatment, research, as well as care and support for HIV positive people. However, the prevalence of stigmatization varies across different countries, communities, and groups. The relationship between HIV and stigma is cyclical. Stigmatized populations such as those who abuse drug and commercial sex workers are more vulnerable to HIV. On the other hand, people with HIV are more likely to face stigmatization and discriminated against. In some circumstances, HIV stigmatization reinforces inequalities existing in a society based on gender, race, and sexuality (Ogden & Nyblade, 2005). HIV stigmatization against vulnerable groups such as those who abuse drugs, homosexuals, the poor, and sex workers makes it more difficult to fight the HIV epidemic. Moreover, HIV stigmatization breeds discrimination based on a person

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