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Human Trafficking Nursing Research Assignment (Research Paper Sample)


Paper should include reference page, Thesis statement, Bibliography, and proper citation


Human Trafficking
Human trafficking is considered a modern form of slavery where victims are held against their will. Labor and sex trafficking are the main forms of human trafficking under US law (Campbell, 2013). Labor trafficking is labor and service exploitation through coercion of force, while sex trafficking is the sex exploitation of victims forced and intimidated teenage in commercial sex (Campbell, 2013). When the sex victims are below the age of 18, merely working in commercial sex work is enough to show there is exploitation regardless there is coercion, fraud or force (Campbell, 2013). Since human trafficking is a crime, the law enforcers take the issue seriously. The problem of human trafficking is complex and there is a need for stakeholders to work together to stop trafficking activities.
Gender, labor and sex trafficking
Among the repotted cases of human trafficking, there is labor and sec trafficking and various other forms of human trafficking. The sex trafficking of children has received attention in the media and increasingly human trafficking affects those below 18 years of age. While those affected by labor trafficking tend to be older they may also face language barriers and lack of knowledge on how to report such cases makes it difficult to tackle the issue. However, not all people who are trafficked are immigrants, but US citizens more likely to be trafficked from one state to another and this is especially for sex trafficking.
There are gender differences and place of origin for the victims of human trafficking in the U.S. highlighting that human victims try to exploit those vulnerable. The victims of sex trafficking are mostly female, while the victims of labor trafficking are mostly male. The police and prosecutors mainly focus on the sex trafficking of minors, and the problem is more serous because they are different forms of human trafficking making it difficult to differentiate them. At other times the problem of labor trafficking has not received much attention as it deserves. Tackling human trafficking has been slow as the cases are underreported and underinvestigated and identifying people in forced labor is challenging, but sex tracking is at times visible when the commercial service work is advertised (Farrell, McDevitt & Fahy, 2010).
Violence and prostitution
For the immigrants who move to foreign countries to work as domestic workers the threat of violence for failing to pay debts to human traffickers affects the way they interact with law enforcement officers. Immigrants are less likely to report exploitation when they are in a foreign country illegally, and the human traffickers may threaten their family members at home. This further increases the risk of such foreigners engaging in prostitution and likely encountering more violence in the sex trade. Even while recruiting agencies bring the foreigners to work legally, if they charge high fees this reduce the workers pay significantly. Additionally, if the workers visas expire and they do not wish to leave the foreign country they go for high risk jobs. There is a need to address the problem of high debt burdens that force trafficked individuals to work in the high risk places to pay these debts to criminals who threaten them, their friends and family members.
The gravity of the problem requires collaborative efforts to tackle, the problem and blaming the victims worsens the situations many human trafficking victims, are coerced , given false promises and threatened with violence. As such, escaping the traffickers is difficult when the victims have little means to ask for help. This is especially when the immigrants do not have documents and work permits to work. In the case of sex trafficking, it is not always that victims...

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