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HIV/AIDS Outcomes: The United States Vs. Canada (Research Paper Sample)


Compare health outcomes for HIV/AIDS between the United States and a country with universal health coverage. (PLease use Canada or Great Britain)


HIV/AIDS Outcomes
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Since 1985, more than 50,000 cases of HIV/AIDS have been reported in the United States. According to CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), HIV prevalence is 1.3% among prisoners, compared to 0.4% among the ordinary people. Various prisoners in Canada are also infected with HIV as they don't take care of precautions and are ready to have sex with sex workers. Similarly, more than two hundred ordinary people in the United States and Canada become infected due to unprotected sex every week (Mitcham, 2015).
In 1995, it was reported that AIDS incidences had decreased in the United States, but the disease was quickly spreading in Canada and taking a severe form. Since 2000, however, AIDS incidenc

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