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NR103 Writing Assignment Harriet Tubman, An Abolitionist (Research Paper Sample)


The paper has to be 3 pages
1st Cover page
2nd Introduction, body and conclusion in one page only
3rd page up to 2 references.


Harriet Tubman
Institution Affiliation
Harriet Tubman
Harriet Tubman was born in 1822, as the fifth child to Rit Green Ross and Ben Ross. She was an abolitionist, who used the Underground Railroad system to help the slaves escape and seek freedom in Mexico, Caribbean, and Canada ( HYPERLINK "" William & John, 2018). The system was designed to offer safe houses, means of transportation and escape routes for the innocent individuals who were oppressed as a result of their ethnicity ( HYPERLINK "" William & John, 2018).
Harriet Tubman risked her life on several occasions since the activity of saving slaves involved breaking of rules, which had severe consequences ( HYPERLINK "" William & John, 2018). She also significantly participated in several civil wars in the United States, where she played the roles of a cook, spy, and nurse (Martyris, 2016). During the 1862 civil war, Harriet Tubman was among the northern abolitionists who went to South Carolina to save African American slaves. She offered n

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