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Genetic Disorder: Spina Bifida Medicine, Nursing Research Paper (Research Paper Sample)


Briefly describe disorder. Include clinical presentation, pathophysiology, usual age of onset and all relevant ethnic/cultural/risk information.
Discuss the genetic issues involved in the disorder. Include the type of trait or mutation. Recommendations for familial genetic testing, if any Discuss the diagnostic process, medical management and prognosis of the disease. Include gene therapy if available.
It must include: Abstract In-text Citations, References must be from evidence-based scholarly, peer reviewed journals 2014-present. I added some journals that might be beneficial and will like them to be included on the paper. If you have any problems please contact me.
Thank you!


(Simeone et al., 2015)

(Bodin et al., 2018)

(Panda et al., 2019)

Bodin, C. R., Rasmussen, M. M., Tabor, A., Westbom, L., Tiblad, E., Ekelund, C. K., Wulff, C. B., Vogel, I., & Petersen, O. B. (2018). Ultrasound in Prenatal Diagnostics and Its Impact on the Epidemiology of Spina Bifida in a National Cohort from Denmark with a Comparison to Sweden. BioMed Research International, 2018, 1–8. ccm.

Panda, P., Mallik, K., Patel, R., & Barik, M. (2019). Molecular basis of spina bifida: Recent advances and future prospectives. Journal of Pediatric Neurosciences, 14(1), 16–19. ccm.

Simeone, R. M., Feldkamp, M. L., Reefhuis, J., Mitchell, A. A., Gilboa, S. M., Honein, M. A., & Iskander, J. (2015). CDC Grand Rounds: Understanding the Causes of Major Birth Defects—Steps to Prevention. MMWR: Morbidity & Mortality Weekly Report, 64(39), 1104–1107. ccm.



Spina Bifida.
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Spina bifida is a genetic issue that grows for the most part during an infant age. It is a phenomenon where a collection of cells known as the neural tube, which should form into the cerebrum and the spinal cord, fails to completely enclose during the underlying long stretches of early stage improvement. Thusly, when the spine finally fully develops, the bones that establish the spinal section fail to totally collect near creating nerves of the spinal cord. The noteworthy consequence of the turmoil is that the affected spinal cord plunges via an opening situated in the spine, causing a permanent damage of the nerve. This paper utilizes evidence-based scholarly journals, articles written on books on the topic and other materials to examine spina bifida as a genetic issue, problems associated with the disorder, its pathophysiology, and patterns of inheritance, diagnosis and treatment.

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