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Depression Health, Medicine, Nursing Research Paper (Research Paper Sample)


Hello please this assignment is part of a big paper.
The paper is about depression
Sections needed,
1) Historical and Societal Perspective of depression. Below is part of a short example that I found that someone wrote in an article on the historical and societal part. Please do not use the exact words, this is just to guide
Historical and Societal Perspective
According to the World Health Organization (2016), depression is the leading cause of morbidity and mortality worldwide, and it adds to the strain of disease around the World. Suicide is a calamitous situation and a grave public health predicament in the United States and around the World. The increased morbidity and mortality rate of depression is related to suicide and other health disorders like hypertension, diabetes, cancer and respiratory disorders. (Kessler & Bromet, 2013). Several pieces of research have shown an association between psychopathology, including symptoms of depression and Obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and cancer. (Kessler & Bromet, 2013). Over 300 million people are now experiencing depression, an 18% increase between the year 2005 and 2015. (WHO, 2017). Evidence based
2)Incidence and Prevalence. This section should precisely describe the incidence
and prevalence of the identified problem at hand (depression). Use of national and local statistics is required. Please also include that there have been an increase since COVID.
Sources from Only scholarly articles please. Less than 6 years. THANK YOU


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Historical and Societal Perspective of depression
Depression has always been a mental health problem for humanity. Throughout recorded history, there are documents that prove the existence of depression. The documents describe different diagnoses and many ways to treat it. Depression was initially called melancholia, and it thought to be the individual was taken over by demons (possessed). The historical understanding of depression was that depression was a spiritual or mental illness rather than a physical one CITATION Nem \l 1033 (Nemade, n.d.). They were treated by exorcists and priests who used different techniques, such as beatings, restraint, and starvation, to drive demons out of the afflicted person's body. As societies and medicine developed, the understanding of the condition also developed. In ancient Rome and Greek empires, depression was both a biological and psychological disease. Hippocrates believed it was caused by an imbalance of the body fluids, specifically black bile in the spleen CITATION Rob17 \l 1033 (DeRubeis & Strunk, 2017).

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