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Relationship between Depression and Exercise among Male Inmates (Research Paper Sample)


1) Review the section beginning on page 71 of the course text titled "Developing and refining research problems" in the course text, which focuses on analyzing the feasibility of a research problem. Course Project: Introduction to course project;(2) Reflect an issue that you have noticed in your nursing practice. (3) Generate at least 5 questions that relate to the issue you've identified. Use the criteria of feasibility significance and interest. Be prepared to explain your rationale. (4) Formulate preliminary PICO, one that is answerable based on your analysis. What are the PICO variables(patient/Population, intervention/issue, comparison, and outcome for this question?
Using the PICOT variables that you determined for your question. Be sure to analyze which are and are not relevant to your question. write 3-4 pages that summary of your area of interest, an identification of the problem that you've selected, and an explanation of the significance of this problem for nursing practice. The 5 questions you have generated and a description of how you analyzed them for feasibility
Your preliminary Picot question and a description of each PICOT variable relevant to your question
at least 10 possible keywords that could be used when conducting a literature search for your PICOT question and a rationale for your selections.
Note: Not all these variables may be appropriate to every question. Be sure to analyze which are and are not relevant to your specific question.
Using the PICOT variables that you determined for your question,develop a lsit of at least 10 keywords that could be usde when conducting a literature search to investigate current research pertaining to the question.
I currently work in the correctional setting, dealing with a lot of depress male inmates: I want to study about the effect of exercise to the inmates that are depressed, and the comparison between depressed inmates that do not exercise, the (T) time frame maybe is around 1-2 months? other option to explore: Does depression cause obesity among inmates, Are depressed inmates tend to be obese as compared to none depress inmates?
I will only choose one of the above mentionedissues.
Thank you


Relationship between Depression and Exercise among Male Inmates
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Relationship between Depression and Exercise among Male Inmates
The rise in the problem of mental illness among inmates is said to be far too high as compared to that experienced in the general population. According to Fazel, Hayes, Bartellas, Clerici, and Trestman (2016), there are more than ten million prisoners globally, and the number of prisoners with mental illnesses is higher compared to that of the general population. The extent to which prisons contribute to mental disorders is unknown. However, the rate of treatment of prisoners with mental issues is meager. In some countries, the number of individuals with mental illnesses in prisons exceeds the number of patients in psychiatric hospitals. However, these individuals continue being neglected, and very little assistance is given to the prisoners. As a result, prisons might experience constant cases of suicide, victimization, and other risk factors that might arise. Research has shown that female inmates are more likely to suffer from mental problems compared to male inmates (Drapalski, Youman, Steuwig, & Tangney, 2009).

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