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Concept Analysis in Health Literature and Practice (Research Paper Sample)


Dear writer.
I m a graduate student of program of master/family nurse practitioner. This class title is "Spiritual Concept Analysis." Also, school is Christian school and I am a Christian as well.
This is a second part of my analytical writing paper. The title will be as;
"Paper #2 Concept Analysis in Health Literature and Practice". The concept I have chosen is "Hospitality".
Directed rubrics will be as below and you should find a tool to measure this concept as the hospitality should be applied to patient care as a primary care provider. Every part is truly crucial especially No. 3 & 4 & 5 in this paper. Please just be mindful when writing.
Paper #2 Concept Analysis in Health Literature and Practice
1. Historical and current use of the concept in healthcare
2. Research available on your concept in healthcare or other related disciplines
3. Critique the research on your concept. Identify gaps in knowledge and some challenges/barriers to this research.
4. Have any measurement tools been developed on your concept? Provide critique of them. What are the challenges in measurement of your concept. Address reliability and validity of the tool/tools.
5. Apply your concept to graduate level practice (APRN, leadership, education). Write implications for the profession from the literature you review.
6. Write a personal application/or experience regarding the research reviewed throughout the whole investigation.
My first paper was about Paper # 1 Spiritual Concept Analysis as you see below about how it was written, which I m going to attach here so that you can use the theme of concept into the second paper.
Paper #1 Spiritual Concept Analysis
1. Introduction of concept/definition of concept
2. Historical Word Study of your concept
a. Oxford English Dictionary: for history of the concept
b. Current dictionary
c. Bible dictionary
3. Old Testament (OT)
a. Word definition (choose most used/or important terms)
b. Significance of meaning of your concept
c. Analysis of concept in context
4. New Testament (NT)
a. Word definition (choose most used/or important terms)
b. Significance of meaning of your concept
C. Analysis of concept in context
5. Historical perspective of your concept
a. Choose 1-3 writers from various time periods in history
b. Societal context for the meaning of your concept
c. Analysis of author’s interpretation /use of concept
6. Summary of Analysis- Report what you have learned about the concept from OT through the modern and post-modern period – similarities and differences over time
Thank you so much for your hard work in advance.


Hospitality in healthcare is presented in this study as the concept that ensures holistic comfort and care towards patients within the hospital environment. This could be assured through the help of modern patient-oriented facilities and experienced health care professionals. This study highlights the analysis of the hospitality concept within the various healthcare literatures and the importance within nursing care. The historical perspective and the current application of hospitality in healthcare compare the meaning to the theological understanding of the concept. The analysis of the concept in literature emphasizes the provision of a genuine service of kindness to patients within hospitals from admission to the point of discharge. The analysis shows the gaps in the definition of the concept and the various researches available on the same. Then there is the presentation of the measurement tools in which the Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (HCAHPS) is used. The critique of other measurement tools, gaps and challenges involved. This is followed by the application of the concept to graduate-level including personal application and recommendations.
Hospitality Concept Analysis in Health literature and practice
The term hospitality generally refers to a friendly as well as generous reception alongside entertainment that is always accorded to visitors or guests in a new environment (Kelly et al., 2016). This provides one of the common yet simplistic definitions. The term also denotes the nature of the business that entails the entertainment of clients or conference official delegates. However, such definition has been considered not certain, therefore, leading to a contradictory context amongst scholars in recent years concerning the actual definition of hospitality. Despite this, the pursuance of the construct of hospitality and the eventual impact on healthcare within the hospital environment calls for the definition of the meaning within the context of our study. A broader definition would entail more than just a brief exchange between persons concerning basic needs and encompass many components (Kelly et al., 2016).
Importance of hospitality in nursing/healthcare
Hospitality and hospitals share a close relationship over the past many years (Steele et al., 2015). This is since hospitality seems to form the major part of the hospital’s advancements, especially within the competitive world. In this case, hospitality has been applicable as the tool for winning and retaining customers in hospitals. Previously, hospitals were considered as institutions that accorded patients treatment-related care such as diagnosis, cure, and treatment of diseases through services provided by doctors as well as medical practitioners. However, the current definition of hospitals encompasses hospitality services which have eventually taken the concept of hospitals to another level. The inclusion of hospitality made hospitals to be seen as places that provide comfort, care through some of the modern patient-oriented facilities. These facilities also offer diagnosis, preventive, treatment as well as cure of ailments for patients (Kelly et al., 2016).
Hospitality in health care has emerged as an important concept within the health care literature. However, the various researches that surround the patient experiences within hospitals only focus on the delivery of the customer services (Elliott et al., 2010). This is done through the implementation of the service delivery channels that ensure the measuring of quality through myriad systems alongside procedures. Such aspect is equally important especially in the management of the daily routine and functioning of hospital processes. Though the aspect of relationships that also involves interacting with hos...

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