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Cold Emergencies 'Epidemiology' (Research Paper Sample)

1- I need peer reviewed sources 2- I need you only to talk about Epidemiology and pathophysiology! 3- include charts or scheduals if you can 4- I will send you one source and try to find tow more 5- I want you to send me the sauces that you use I am an Emergency Medical Care professional, so let the research paper's contents tend to EMS. source..

Cold emergency
Different genres of diseases have different factors that influence and contribute to the occurrence of a given disease. Epidemiology of hypothermia can result from cold and this paper seeks to look at emergency medical care resulting from cold, look at epidemiology and pathophysiology of cold emergencies and as well give a description on how to provide good care to cold victims. In other case, we well also give tips on how to survive if one is suffering from hypothermia which is the plague when it comes to cold related diseases.
It is has been noted that most of cold related injuries and hypothermia, are generally unpremeditated. In other words, they can be caused by homelessness or lack of adequate heat. Though it has been demanding to come up with data on the cold-induced injuries, we depend on minimal data from hospital data like iceberg which covers most severe cases. Though there are different genres of cold-induced injuries, a review on the pathophysiology of hypothermia and frostbite will help us understand well what is meant by cold emergency and come up with strategies for the management and diagnosis of such conditions.
Environmental conditions have been noted to play part in pathophysiology of hypothermia in cold emergency. For instance, when it comes to temperatures below -10oC, the risk on cold- injuries increase as they are accelerated by wind. A good example is to examine the report provided by Environment Canada, which report a wind chill of -25 and as a result, frostbite risks increase. On the other hand, skin cooling is increased by humidity and moisture through evaporation process. In this case, a good environment for which makes hypothesis to develop faster is established. To prevent this, wind resistance clothing are appropriate.
There are several factors that increase the susceptibility to cold. For example, age among other factors contributes to hypothermia. It has been noted that infants have a high ratio to body surface. On the other hand, aged people are believed to have a decreased ability for metabolic heat production as well ability for vasoconstriction. The other thing which contributes to hypothermia is body size. According to Giesbrecht G. (20000), the amount of fat that a person has may be more fundamental than the age when it comes to defending against hypothermia.
It has been noted that tissue insulation is decreased by less body fat, while on the other malnutrition and energy lowers fuel availability for heat generation. The other thing which can cause hypothermia is excessive alcohol consumption and the use of drugs. In this case, drugs and alcohol tedious the mind hence one is not in a position to remember whether to take shelter or put warm clothes when it is cold. In many cases, alcohol is believed to hold back shivering, possibly by causing hypoglycemia, at times it causes cutaneous vasodilatation which is known to counteracts the thermoregulatory response.
Though there are several other factors that act as Pathophysiology to cold, others cold-induced injuries front to clinical manifestations related to thermoregulation, cellular dysfunction edema, and ischemia as shown in the figure bellow.
In most cases, it is noted that heat conservation is controlled by preoptic hypothalamus, which triggers sympathetic activities and is known to be activated by cold stimulation of cutaneous thermo receptors. In this case, compassionate activities cause marginal and visceral vasoconstriction and a time ileus and...
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