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Career Development Research Paper Health, Medicine Research Paper (Research Paper Sample)


Degree is Medical Billing and Coding
Career paths are Medical Coder and Medical Assistant
Your task is to write a comparative persuasive essay exploring two career options you can enter upon completion of your degree at Bryant & Stratton College.
You will research two potential job titles(Medical Coder and Medical Assistant) and provide a research-based explanation as to why one of these career opportunities is the best option for you.
Assignment Requirements
• Define two distinct career paths(Medical Coder and Medical Assistant) available to you upon degree completion. Using the research, interpret what components are the most important to you and the most appropriate to your skill set.
• The essay must contain a strong thesis statement indicating the two career paths you will be discussing as well as points of comparison between the two. Included in this will be an indication of your preferred career choice. The essay will provide support for this statement.
• Information to include in the comparison may contain:
o The responsibilities, tasks, growth trends, salaries, lifelong learning opportunities, and other relevant aspects the two careers in your field of interest?
o The areas from the listing above that draw you to this career field and are most important to you. Why is this?
o The content knowledge expertise required for success in your field of interest.
• A minimum of four sources and a maximum of six must be included in this piece of writing. These sources will be chosen from your reflective bibliography.
• The essay will be approximately five pages following APA format learned throughout the term.
• APA (American Psychological Association) Citation methodology is also required for in-text citations and the reference page.


Career Development Research Paper
Student’s Name
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Career Development Research Paper
Although doctors and nurses appear as the only people who handle more responsibilities in a healthcare institution, their work would be difficult without medical coders and assistants. For instance, when a patient visits a hospital, physicians must track down the history of that person, which involves searching for relevant documentation and paperwork. The medical profile of a patient shows the procedures that the individual has undergone in the past and any medication they might be taking. When doctors get that information, it becomes easy for them to treat sick individuals without complications. Moreover, when it comes to the compensation of the services offered by physicians, medical billers and coders are the ones who determine the payment depending on the resources that have been used in the treatment procedure. In particular, medical assistants handle clinical and administrative activities to make work easy for physicians in their offices. Medical coding refers to the use of unique codes for every medical procedure or diagnosis for proper data recording. Despite medical assistants and coders being among the best job positions in the healthcare sector, being a medical coder has always been my dream since it aligns with my skill sets and gives me various opportunities to advance my career

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