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Behavioral Change and Health (Research Paper Sample)


please use article that are less than five years old and the writer can more references if needed. please answer the question separately the question in bold thank you.


Behavioral Change and Health
Question one
Cancer; a 21st century life style epidemic is claiming a lot of life’s. The disease packages itself in a number of ways. According to recent medical research, lung cancer is the deadliest form cancer to date. Its high prevalence is linked unhealthy habitual lifestyles of today’s youth. Long-term smoking is an inevitable provoker of lung cancer (Jovee Marie, 2012).The fear of contracting lung cancer can initiate a behavior change in smokers. Upon pondering on the psychological and financial implications of contracting lung cancer, a 39-year old female may wish to stop her two-pack-a-day smoking policy to secure a diseases free brighter future.
Behavioral change models/theories attempt to account for the reasons of behavioral change in people. The theories argue that behavioral changes are variables personal and environmental factors. Recent years have seen rapid applications of such theories in healthcare, with the hope of understanding behavioral change for improving service delivery in healthcare. Each behavioral model say, social cognitive theory, the learning theory, planned behavior or transtheoretical model focus on diverse factors that initiate behavioral change.
The self efficacy model explains a person’s impression and capability of undertaking a challenging task such as undergoing a surgery or facing an exam (Naik et al, 2013). It is based on the positive or negative consequences of some basic does and don’ts of life. For instance, a person wishing of dumping his/her long-term smoking behavior is motivated/disturbed by the psychological torture of continuing smoking with the awareness of the deadly consequences of prolonged smoking. A self efficacy thought is predictive. It predicts the amount of effort a victim/individual will require to initiate and maintain a certain behavioral change. Though psychologist argues that self efficacy is not a behavior change model per se, it forms a fundamental basis of many other theories such as the health belief model and the planned behavior ...
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