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NR452 Capstone Evidence: Bacterial Pneumonia Among Elderly (Research Paper Sample)


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Bacterial Pneumonia among the Elderly
Bacterial Pneumonia among the Elderly
Health promotion and maintenance of health is one of the categories of NCLEX-RN examination themes. Although energy has been focused on the younger population, there is an ever increasing evidence of the approach among the older people of 65 and above years of age (Peel, McClure & Bartlett, 2005). The health promotion and maintenance of health approach is the best strategy to control the prevalence of chronic infections and functional impairments among the elderly. Even though this strategy cannot replace or match medication, it has the capability of reducing the numerous incidences and prevalence of both acute and chronic diseases among the general population especially the elderly (Peel, McClure & Bartlett, 2005). The healthcare providers assigned to the elderly have noted the benefits of health promotion and maintenance. In fact, some healthcare providers have advised for this strategy to be implemented among the elderly due to their age. The age factor normally hinders the prophylactic measures and medication. Thus, health promotion and maintenance of health among the elderly is the best strategy to prevent most of the infections. However, chronic and acute infections such as the bacterial pneumonia are currently on the rise due to the omission of the health promotion and maintenance of health among the older people (Peel, McClure & Bartlett, 2005). In the USA alone, a combination of pneumonia and influenza are the sixth leading causes of deaths with almost 90% of the deaths occurring in the adult of 65 years and above. Furthermore, 60 percent of the adult population of 65 years and above is frequently admitted to hospitals due to bacterial pneumonia. These patients normally experience changes in their pulmonary reserves, decreased cough reflex, reduced mucociliary transport, reduced elasticity if the alveoli and poor ventilation which diminish a cough and airway patency resulting to pneumonia. However, proper implementation of health promotion and health maintenance paying attention to the various risk factors may enhance the physicians' assessment of the severity of the infection or may lead to the implementation of preventive measures as well as ensure the proper determination of the need for further medical assistance (Yoshikawa& Marrie, 2000).
Importance of Bacterial Pneumonia among the Elderly
Bacterial pneumonia is a major problem in the life of the elderly. In most cases, reports concentrate on the diagnostic issues concerning the disease and the advances in the treatment, invasive and intensi

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