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Applying Theory to a Practice Problem (Research Paper Sample)


Write a paper (1,000 to 1,500 words) that describes how middle-range theory can be applied to the problem of nursing burnout. The paper should include the following:
A brief summary of the problem.
A description of a middle-range theory that could be applied to the problem. Is this middle-range theory appropriate to your identified problem?
A brief discussion of the middle-range theory's origins.
A discussion of how the middle-range theory has been previously applied.
A discussion of the application of the middle-range theory to the identified problem. How would your practice change by incorporating this theory?
Prepare this assignment according to APA guidelines found in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center. An abstract is not required.
This assignment uses a rubric. Please review the rubric prior to beginning the assignment to become familiar with the expectations for successful completion.


Applying Theory to a Practice Problem
Institutional Affiliation;
Summary of Problem
In 1990, the economic constraints brought about radical changes in the healthcare sector in most countries that are developing. The organizational policies advocated for retrenchments in medical facilities and also incorporated other strategies such as restructuring, downsizing, and re-engineering in an attempt to manage the changes that occurred (Aiken, Clarke, Sloane, Sochalski, & Silber, 2002).
Due to the restructuring process, there were approaches that led to the abolition of the existing hospital beds, consolidation or closure of other hospitals, and the merging of other departments and units. Human service providers were then laid off or relocated, a factor that made the nature of work take a different turn. Since nurses remain the largest group of healthcare providers employed by medical institutions, these challenges enormously affected their delivery of services.
Due to the ongoing changes, the nurses faced several challenges that required them to provide high-quality care at very low costs, a factor. With the minimum staffing levels that provide care to patients, the heavy workloads on nurses increased significantly. This, therefore, increased the overall stress levels since more patients turned out to treatments and the processing hours and turnover turned to be faster than was witnessed in the past (Aiken, The increase in the levels of pressures in practice in stressful changing healthcare environments resulted in a rise in the prevalence of burnout levels on the nurses. Burnout is a problem witnessed mainly in the nursing sector since it is associated with reduced job performances, job turnover, low morale's, poor physical, mental and emotional health for workers, and the high rates of absenteeism. This paper, therefore, seeks to determine how the middle-range theory can be incorporated in solving the nurse burnout issues.
Theory of Intellectual Capital in Nursing
It is important to note that nurse managers have the sole roles of maintaining and developing nursing human capital. Through the theory of intellectual capital, therefore, aids in identifying and supporting the important relationships and concepts required in advancing the nursing knowledge in any healthcare organization. With the primary emphasis on education, continuing professional development among nurses needs to b...
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