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Adoption of New Technology Systems - Electronic Health Records (EHR) Systems (Research Paper Sample)


As a nurse, you can have a great impact on the success or failure of the adoption of electronic health records (EHRs). It is important for nurses to understand their role as change agents and the ways they can influence others when addressing the challenges of changing to a drastically different way of doing things.
Everett Rogers, a pioneer in the field of the diffusion of innovations, identified five qualities that determine individual attitudes towards adopting new technology (2003). He theorized that individuals are concerned with:
-Relative advantage: The individual adopting the new innovation must see how it will be an improvement over the old way of doing things.
-Compatibility with existing values and practices: The adopter must understand how the new innovation aligns with current practices.
-Simplicity: The adopter must believe he or she can easily master the new technology; the more difficult learning the new system appears, the greater the resistance that will occur.
-Trialability: The adopter should have the opportunity to “play around' with the new technology and explore its capabilities.
-Observable results: The adopter must have evidence that the proposed innovation has been successful in other situations.
Note: You are not required to purchase Rogers' book or pursue further information regarding his list of five qualities. The information provided here is sufficient to complete this Assignment. The full reference for Rogers' work is provided below the due date on this page.
For this Assignment, you assume the role of a nurse facilitator in a small hospital in upstate New York. You have been part of a team preparing for the implementation of a new electronic health records system. Decisions as to the program that will be used have been finalized, and you are now tasked with preparing the nurses for the new system. There has been an undercurrent of resistance expressed by nurses, and you must respond to their concerns. You have a meeting scheduled with the nurses 1 week prior to the training on the new EHR system. Consider how you can use the five qualities outlined by Rogers (2003) to assist in preparing the nurses for the upcoming implementation.
To Prepare:
-Review the Learning Resources (PLEASE SEE UPLOAD FOR 7 RESOURCES) this week about successful implementations of EHRs.
-Consider how you would present the new EHR system to the nurses to win their approval.
-Reflect on the five qualities outlined by Rogers. How would addressing each of those areas improve the likelihood of success?
To Complete Research Paper:
Write a 3- to 5-page paper (PLEASE SEE UPLOAD FOR EXAMPLE) which includes the following:
-Using Rogers' (2003) theory as a foundation, outline how you would approach the meeting with the nurses. Be specific as to the types of information or activities you could provide to address each area and include how you would respond to resistance.
-Analyze the role of nurses as change agents in facilitating the adoption of new technology.


Adoption of New Technology Systems - Electronic Health Records (EHR) systems
Stanford University
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Adoption of New Technology Systems
Hospitals increasingly adopt the electronic health records (EHRs), but even with these workplace innovations, there is resistance to change. Everett Rogers proposed 5 qualities that influence attitudes towards technology adoption, namely; relative advantage, compatibility with existing values and practices, complexity, trialability, and observable results. As a nurse facilitator seeking for the implementation of a new electronic health records system, Everett Rogers’ model is useful to facilitate the adoption of the technology. Facilitating adoption of EHR adoption at a small hospital in upstate New York is possible using Everett Rogers’ theory where nurses are change agents. The purpose of this paper is to highlight factors to consider when implementing a new electronic health records system in a hospital using Everett Rogers five qualities, so that nurses can embrace change by adopting the technology and act as change agents.
Relative advantage
Relative advantage is an important innovation characteristics where those adopting the new technology need to understand and appreciate improvement. Relative advantage reflects whether a technology user perceives the innovation as being advantageous than a previous system or idea (Lee, 2004). In the case of adopting EHRs, there is better organization of information, and I would highlight how the system makes it easier to identify patient records compared to the manual system. As such, there are fewer delays because of better organization and easy retrieval of information. Since there is savings in effort compared to the previous system, this also saves time and when adopters have a positive view about the innovation they are more likely to adopt changes. In any case, changing from the paper based system to electronic system mainly focuses on addressing workflow inefficiencies, and it is necessary to involve physicians when designing workflow, guidelines and alerts (Fickenscher & Bakerman 2011).
Compatibility with existing values and practices:
The adopters also need to understand alignment of new technology with past experiences, current practices, and the needs of the adopters whether there is improve assessment sequence (Lee, 2004). Since there is more detailed documentation when the technology system is adopted, I would point out the benefit of this in reducing errors and facilitating follow-up. Mooney & Boyle (2010), pointed out, that the first step when adopting EHRs is to establish objectives and communicate this, and this is followed by evaluating the current situation so that there can be meaningful use of EHR systems . Organizations have their own workflows, and I will consider this when implementing the new systems so that users can be trained on how to use EHR.
Even as the technology is beneficial, if the adopters have difficulties understanding and using the system, they are more likely to resist change because of the effort required to learn and get used to the technology (Lee, 2004). Demonstrating how user-friendly the technology is, will go a long way to

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