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Three innovations in Civil Engineering Research Assignment (Research Paper Sample)


Write three innovation for Civil Engineering. Each are : prestressed concrete, generative design Also three eco-floating。paper requirement:Give a detailed description/characterization of the innovation. Tell what it is, when it was invented, and how it works. Who uses it? Where is it used? What is the professional and/or societal value(s) of it. Attachment has the paper brief outline and partial sources.


Innovation in Civil Engineering
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Innovation in Civil Engineering
Civil engineering is the second-oldest engineering in the world. It has played a fundamental role in the advancement of humankind, and its significance cannot be ignored. The challenges faced across the globe in the achievement of efficient and cost-effective construction practices and structures have motivated the initiatives for innovation in various fields. Civil engineers integrate different pieces and materials in building designs while ensuring there is compliance with the increasingly demanding safety and government regulations as well as environmental challenges. Subsequently, innovative solutions have been key in hastening tasks and promoting compliance while ensuring that the projects are efficient for the developers and end users. Innovations in civil engineering have helped to solve some of the biggest challenges that limited construction of some designs or in some areas (Keane, 2017). Subsequently, each innovation is a revolutionary factor that offers new opportunities for the role of civil engineering. As economies improve, the construction businesses are also increasing across the world. Innovation in civil engineering facilitates effective transition to meet the demands associated with the increased need for sound strategies and structures. Notably, most innovations are fueled by the global trends, national projects, and the consumer demands (Marrey & Grote, 2003). For instance, the increased focus on developing smart cities in public and government domains attracts innovation in the development of environmentally friendly structures that are cost-efficient and durable, and meet the consumer demands. The intent of this paper is to review the three most important innovations in the civil engineering field, which are prestressed concrete, Generative design, and Eco-floating house.
Prestressed Concrete
Prestressed alludes to the deliberate induction of a self-equilibrated state of stress in an object or structure before its use in construction. Prestressing offers fundamental functionality and stability in a structure and increases performance by ensuring the products are stiff or by limiting cracking. Prestressed concrete refers to concrete that is internally stressed to meet the desired tensile stress that is required in service. The stress is facilitated by the tendons of hard-drawn wires, cables, or bars that add the strength of alloy steel (Concrete Construction Staff, 1977). The use of prestressed concrete can be traced back to 1925 when a patent was filed by Richard E. Dill and granted in 1928. The method was invented by Eugene Freycinet as a means of overcoming the tension weakness experienced when using concrete. The patent focused on post-tensioning using asphalt-coated bars, tensioned by tightening nuts. Reviews show that the development of prestressed concrete can be attributed to the contributions made by Freycinet, Magnerl and other European engineers. Insight from Freycinet shows that the actual viscous properties of concrete can be enhanced through the introduction of a permanent prestress of a high-strength material (Marrey & Grote, 2003). These insights are supported by sentiments from Dill

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