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The Nuclear Accident of Chernobyl Engineering Research Paper (Research Paper Sample)


Please see the outline and requirements of the paper in the attached PDF.


Overview of Paper • Students will write a research (literature review) paper on an engineering solution, technical issue, event, disaster, or design evolution. The paper will include a thorough literature review and an in-depth discussion of the topic (e.g., for a specific event include what led up to the event, the event itself, and what happened as a result). Be sure to include all relevant technical and nontechnical (e.g., human factors, social, economic, cultural, political, environmental, ethical) factors, as well as the impact of the event/design on society. The topic can be something discussed in class, but does not have to be. • The body of the paper should be 6-7 pages in length; This does not include the title page, Abstract or Reference pages(s). The paper should be double-spaced, Times New Roman (or similar), 12 point-font with 1-inch margins on all sides. Use headings as appropriate to guide the reader. Any figures or tables included do not count towards the page requirement and should be explained thoroughly in the body of the paper. Always cite your sources, parenthetically and in the reference page. • Students will receive peer and professor reviews on the paper, and will perform a peer review. Students will be graded on both the quality of their paper and the quality of the peer reviews they write. • The paper will be written in APA style. For guidance in using APA, consult the most recent edition of: Using American Psychological Association (APA) Format by the Purdue University Online Writing Lab.


1/1 The Nuclear Accident of Chernobyl • Background information: • Time occurred: Saturday, 26th April, 1986 • Location: near the city of Pripyat in the north of the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic • Explosion of the No. 4 nuclear reactor in the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant • Technical issue: • Overheat of the nuclear reactor while the emergency stop button was pushed • Unexpected steam explosion • Inappropriate use of materials • Human factors: • Terrible operation during the test——the chief engineer and the workers wanted to finish the test and hand over early • The arrogance from the engineers——strongly believed that it is impossible for a nuclear reactor like this to explode • Buck-passing of people • Social factors: • Very few people knew that was a nuclear explosion at the first place, or even if they knew, not many were aware of the damage radiation could do to human body • People were not evacuated immediately • Unnecessary casualties • Political factors: • Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic wanted to hide the accident at the first place • Cold War between Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic and the United States • Pressure from social medias • Pressure from the huge loss of power and funding • Comparison to the 2011 Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster in Japan. • Reflection and better solution


Chernobyl Accident
Student’s name
Chernobyl Accident
Background Information
Chernobyl Disaster occurred on April 26th 1986. The disaster is recorded as the worst nuclear power accident in the history of nuclear energy, with irreversible impacts on the people and the surrounding environment. The catastrophe took place at Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant, which is located near the city of Pripyat in the north of the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic, resulted from the inaccurate Soviet reactor’s plan. The inaccurate plans were integrated with the negligence of plant operatives, causing an explosion of the No. 4 nuclear reactor of Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant. It is perceived that as a direct result of Cold War segregation, there were inadequate safety practices in the nuclear plants. Chernobyl Disaster is considered a unique accident in the history of civilization and commercialized nuclear power, with many injuries resulting from radiation. The design of the reactor was specific, but as a result of this accident, various precautionary and mitigation measures were implemented in nuclear power investments. The accident severity was enhanced by technical issues, human factors, social factors, and political factors.

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