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Teaching Students With Visual Impairments Research Paper (Research Paper Sample)


Write a research paper about teaching students with visual impairments, describe the classifications of visual impairments but focus on Astigmatism and the three main types.
Use this book :
Smith, T. E. C., Polloway, E. A., Patton, J. R., Dowdy, C.A., & McIntyre, L. J. (2015).
Teaching students with special needs in inclusive settings (5th Canadian ed.) Toronto: Pearson Education Canada. pg 230-234
2 other journals
Explain the strategies to use in helping the student with astigmatism in an inclusive classroom.


Teaching Students with Visual Impairments
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Teaching Students with Visual Impairments
Almost over 80% of the information that we get is through vision. We use vision to identify different things around our environment and explore things that are beyond our arms reach. It is through vision that young children learn how to play different games; know how to ride bikes with their peers, make different facial expressions and know how to bath. Additionally, young children use vision to imitate what others are doing. This is referred to as incidental learning. Like in daily life, students need to see science demonstrations, charts, and computer screens and be able to read their own texts. All these are the various efforts aimed at achieving the objective of education of ensuring that all students get access to skills, knowledge and information that prepares them to face life. However, this objective seems to be challenging since schools accommodate students from various backgrounds and with different needs. In order to address these challenges, schools need to have an ‘inclusive' education (Smith, Polloway, Patton, Dowdy & Doughty, 2015). A group of students that tends to be challenging is the group of students with visual impairments.
Visual impairment is considered to be a limitation of the functions of the visual sy

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