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Second Draft School Bullying Education Research Paper (Research Paper Sample)


Follow with the Synopsis topic and the first draft. Should be about the school bullying. and the references should be use on the first draft. And then can find some other reference by self.


School Bullying
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School Bullying
School bullying refers to bullying that takes place in an educational setting. For an act to be classified as bullying, it needs to meet a certain criterion. This includes provocation, distress, imbalance of power, repetition, and hostile intent. Bullying has a broad spectrum of detrimental effects on the victim including stress, contemplated suicide, depression, and anger. Further, the bully is more inclined to engage in criminal behavior or develop different social disorders. This paper examines the prevalence, effects, and nature of bullying. Moreover, it discussed the four types of bullying and explores the most effective strategies used to combat school bullying.
In contemporary society, school bullying has become a prevalent phenomenon present in high, middle, and elementary schools in the U.S. as well as other countries across the world. As a universal problem, school bullying occurs at comparable rates in different countries, cultures, and educational settings (Carney & Merrell, 2001). Previously viewed as a normal rite of passage, school bullying is currently identified as a leading threat to school safety (Juvonen, 2005). Starting in the late 1990s, various fatal school shootings have been perpetrated by individuals who are victims of school bullying. This has drawn the attention of various media platforms to the problem. The outcome has been increased public awareness concerning the detrimental effects associated with bullying and a plethora of nationwide, state, and local programs have been designed to alleviate and curb the issue.

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